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The excellent New Media Scotland have just announce these really juicy 
The one around language and cognition looks especially interesting.
Well framed and properly funded.
Check them out!

: )

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New Media Scotland 

Creative Research Artist Fellowships | New Media Scotland

The University of Edinburgh 


*Call for Expressions of Interest*
Deadline: 5pm, Wednesday 9th November 2016


*1. Introduction*

Currently under construction at Little France in Edinburgh, a major new 
hospital building will be shared by two distinct acute services, the 
Department of Clinical Neuroscience (DCN) and the Royal Hospital for 
Sick Children (RHSC).

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from creative practitioners based 
in the UK and Europe for three artist fellowships with the DCN. These 
will form part of an existing Art and Therapeutic Design (ATD) programme.
The programme framework has been developed in collaboration with both 
the NHS project team and charitable funders (the Edinburgh and Lothians 
Health Foundation) led by Ginkgo Projects Ltd.

The aims of the project are to promote and showcase the working activity 
and research interests currently found within the DCN through a 
programme of dynamic art/science commissions.
Innovation and design development using current research practices is 
key to each fellowship within the programme. This project seeks to build 
relationships between artists, staff and external research partners to 
demonstrate best practice and contribute to on-going dialogue with 
respect to the benefits of creative practice in clinical environments.

The three fellowships are as follows:

A: Language & Cognition Fellowship
B: Music Fellowship
C: Design Fellowship

The ATD programme is founded on supporting and promoting the experience 
of patients as they navigate the physical and emotional experience of 
arrival, waiting, treatment and staying in hospital, as well as the 
experiences of staff as they make the move to a new working environment.

Construction work is well advanced and completion is planned for the 
autumn/winter of 2017, with the occupation phase until Spring 2018.

*2. The New Hospital Context*
The ATD programme is being delivered in the context of the new hospital 
environment. The ethos set by NHS Lothian states that:

'The new build on the Little France site will bring together two 
distinct services, that of Children & Young People's Hospital and 
Department of Clinical Neurosciences (DCN) for adult patients. The ethos 
of the new building will be different for each of these groups of 
patients and their families, as well as staff and visitors to the 
building however the new build should be iconic in its development and 
portray a positive image for NHS Lothian.

There are some common themes relevant to the building for both groups of 

  * each should have its own identity within an integrated clinical
    facility, where the safety of all users is paramount. It will
    provide appropriate, discrete environments for all patients, both
    children & young people and adult patients, each with their own
    clear visual, and spatial identity
  * will be spacious, light, colourful and comforting and not feel like
    an institution
  * the patients will be at the centre of the new hospital and all
    processes within it
  * will ensure privacy and dignity for all patients
  * will have easy access to healing outdoor and green space
  * will support families as they care for their children/young people
    and adults in their healing process
  * patient pathways for both patient groups should be separate wherever
  * building should have a character and presence that contributes
    positively to the local community'

Further information on the new building and its overall design can be 
found by clicking *here 

*3. Project Outline
The overall aims of the ATD programme is to develop a series of projects 
and initiatives that build upon the core design to further provide 
opportunities for artists and designers to work with the project design 
team, users and wider interest groups to create projects that promote a 
real sense of grounded and connected art and design practice that draws 
out the uniqueness of this building within its social, cultural and 
physical contexts.
Innovation and design development based on current research practice in 
relation to the therapeutic nature of each is key to each project within 
the programme. We aim to demonstrate best practice and to contribute to 
on-going dialogue and practice in the development and realisation of 
this programme through working with a wide range of partners.
Areas that are core to many of the projects include:

  * Creating a sense of place
  * Meeting stress with dignity
  * Distraction in support of clinical provision
  * Participation and personalisation

The three DCN fellowships are designed to build relationships and 
creative capacity between the hospital and wider city communities. It is 
anticipated that much of the development work will take place off site 
however we expect both temporary and permanent work to find a place both 
within the existing DCN at Western General and/or the new building at 
Little France.

Three fellowships are proposed between January 2017 and January 2018, 
with the possibility of extension until March 2018.

*A. Language & Cognition Fellowship*
Socially-engaged fellowship for an interdisciplinary writer or creative 
practitioner to work with people with neurological conditions to explore 
and showcase areas of growing understanding and connectivity between the 
patient experience and aspects of scientific research practice. The 
resulting work may be developed as a cross art form body of work that 
explores, showcases and reveals some of the complex narratives found 
within the DCN and its partner organisations. Exploration of the 
differences between biological and artificial neural networks and the 
emerging realm of neurofiction are areas of curatorial interest.

*B. Music Fellowship*
Practice-based fellowship in music therapy, health and wellbeing, music 
and cognition. The fellowship's activities will be undertaken with DCN 
clinicians, patients/families and relevant academic arts/music 
institutions. The sonification of a patient's journey from diagnosis 
through treatment to recovery has the capacity to personalise time spent 
at the DCN and improve mental wellness. In addition, the potential 
opportunity exists to celebrate and preserve the acoustics of the unique 
spherical Dott theatres at the existing DCN through composition and 
performance, as they are decommissioned.


*C. Design Fellowship*
Practice-based contemporary 3D/visual art/design fellowship inspired by 
the archives of Professor Norman Dott and other resources, including the 
existing Dott theatre spaces to create a design application, product or 
artwork of significance. The result will be applied, used or sited in 
the new DCN and other institutions as appropriate.

Further information:

Knowledge exchange and dissemination of each fellowship will be central 
to the project through a series of separately budgeted events and 
outputs. These may be organised and shared between the fellowship 
holders and partner institutions. Events running though the programme 
period will explore, contextualise and develop all the issues and ideas 
that emerge, and further facilitate collective artist mentoring activity.

A range of documentation, promotion and exhibition formats will be 
developed by project curator Mark Daniels of New Media Scotland. One 
intention is to develop an installation and/or performance in the Dott 
theatres to mark the transfer to the new building. The content developed 
by the fellowships should also be suitable for integration with other 
facets of the ATD programme including DCN bedside environments and 
programmable spaces.

It is expected that the fellowship briefs will be refined and developed 
through discussion, and that a good level of in depth research, 
stakeholder engagement and dialogue will be undertaken to develop 
proposals that are deliverable, but may take an approach previously not 

There is a current body of engagement work setting out the views of 
users which should be reviewed by the fellowship holders and used as 
appropriate to ensure that the user experience is at the core of the 
creative development process. Ginkgo Projects will manage the interface 
and delivery of the project.

*4. Programme*

  * Submission deadline: 5pm Wednesday 9th November 2016
  * Shortlisting: (attendance not required) w/c 14th November 2016
  * Interviews: 21st or 23rd November 2016
  * Contracts Issued: w/c 12th December 2016
  * Fellowship to be completed by: January 2018
    (possible extension until March 2018)

*5. Copyright and Ownership*
The copyright and all intellectual property rights in the works remain 
vested in the Artist or the person responsible for the production (as 
the case may be).

The Artist grants to Ginkgo Projects and NHS Lothian an irrevocable, 
exclusive royalty free licence to copy, use and to reproduce designs, 
models and research and supporting information for any non-commercial 
purpose relating to the works including (but without limitation) the 
construction, completion, maintenance, promotion, reinstatement, repair, 
any extension of the works and for dissemination within the NHS as part 
of the feedback of information to better or enable the NHS to realise 
improvements in its methods and practice of construction and in the 
design and procurement of its construction.

Ownership of all submitted material, design, models and research shall 
be held in favour of the client.

*6. Budget*
Each fellowship is valued at *£40,000* ex VAT including all materials 
and expenses. This is broken down into fellowship fees and a materials 
budget to cover production or event delivery costs. This is based on a 
fee allocation of £30,000 (150 days @ £200 per day) and £10,000 for 
support, materials and expenses.

As part of the project there will also be access, via discussion and 
approval, to a shared budget for mentoring, discussions, and for 
Payment will be made on provision of monthly invoices by the Artist 
outlining fees and expenses in accordance with the agreed fee proposal.

*7. Submission Requirements*

Your Expression of Interest should be sent in electronic format only.

You will be notified within 2 days of closing to confirm the receipt of 
your submission. If you do not receive notification, please contact 
Ginkgo to ensure your application has been received.

If the fellowship holder brings in other practitioners to work with them 
on this project, they will act as the main contractor subcontracting and 
paying the other project contributors.

1. Submissions should be sent in electronic form only to Lucy Harwood by 
*5pm on Wednesday 9th November 2016.*

2. Submission should include:

  * An up-to-date CV of the lead creative practitioner;
  * If the applicant is a practice or group, please also include a
    practice or group profile;
  * Documentation of previous relevant projects, which can be online;
  * Statement setting out your working practice and your approach to the
  * Statement confirming that you would be able to complete the
    commission within the timescale stated.
  * Confirmation of proposed fee structure or any alternative proposed
    (including daily rates).

3. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview on 21st or 23rd 
November 2016.

4. Final appointment may be subject to references and checks on 
insurances, registrations, Disclosure/Protection of Vulnerable Groups.

5. Criteria for selection will be:

A. Quality of previous work and relevant experience (40%)
B. Statement (40%)
C. Fee Structure Proposal (20%)

For submissions:
Lucy Harwood, Programme Manager
E: *lucy at ginkgoprojects.co.uk <mailto:lucy at ginkgoprojects.co.uk>*
T: 07729 599 885

For information:
Mark Daniels, Project Curator
E: *mark at mediascot.org <mailto:mark at mediascot.org>*
T: 0131 650 2750

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New Media Scotland,78 West Port, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE United Kingdom
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