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The film/percussion concert, "Sisyphus of the Ear", is performed in a preview this Wednesday, Oct. 26, during the Arts at Artaud showcase of music, poetry, theatre and film at Brunel's Artaud Performance Center, 7:15 pm.

Below subsequent premiere dates in Russia:
October 30, 2016          Ufa / Bashkir (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia)  //  November 2, 2016        Moscow  (Russia)

'Sisyphus of the Ear'
Percussion, electronics and film

Paulo C. Chagas (music)
Johannes Birringer (film)
Performed by Thierry Miroglio

The music of percussion instruments creates a powerful scenario of an imaginative journey of inner concussions and tremors. The instrumentalist is renowned soloist Thierry Miroglio.
A near-silent film  - with an electronically augmented soundtrack of breath, moving stones, and speech sounds, deconstructed and distorted from the poem 'Zang Tumb Tumb' by the futurist artist Marinetti - is driven invisibly by the musician's gestures which sustain and channel this audio-visual composition. This performance represents the second collaboration between composer Paulo C.  Chagas and media choreographer Johannes Birringer. Their first digital oratorio, Corpo, Carne e Espírito, had its world premiere at the Klauss Vianna Theatre, Belo Horizonte, Brasil during the  FIT-BH Festival 2008.

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Paulo C. Chagas is Professor of Composition at the University of California, Riverside. A very versatile composer, Chagas has written over 140 works for orchestra, chamber music, electroacoustic music, audiovisual and multimedia compositions. His music unfolds a pluralistic aesthetic, using the most diverse musical materials from different cultures, acoustic and digital media, dance, video, and audiovisual installations. Chagas is also a prolific author of articles on musical semiotics, electroacoustic and digital music. His most recent book Unsayable Music (Leuven University Press, 2014) presents theoretical, critical and analytical reflections on contemporary music creativity. The six essays of the book approach music from different perspectives such as philosophy, sociology, cybernetics, musical semiotics, media, and critical studies.

Websites: http://paulocchagas.com   //  http://www.music.ucr.edu/people/faculty/chagas/index.html

Johannes Birringer is an independent choreographer/media artist. He lives in Houston and London, and co-directs the Design and Performance Lab [DAP] at Brunel University London, where he is a professor of performance technologies (http://www.brunel.ac.uk/dap<http://www.brunel.ac.uk/dap>). Together with fashion designer Michèle Danjoux he has created immersive dance works featuring electro-acoustic and sensortized wearables. DAP-Lab's "Suna no Onna" premiered in London in 2007; the mixed reality installation "UKIYO [Moveable Worlds]" premiered in 2009-10 before touring in Eastern Europe in 2010. A new dance opera, "for the time being/Victory over the Sun," premiered at Watermans International Digital Arts Festival in 2012; an expanded version was shown at Sadler's Wells (2014). The dance film "Lung Pulmo Pneumo" was exhibited at Cinedans Festival, Amsterdam, in 2014. He collaborated on the European METABODY project, along with 12 other European organizations, and 'Metakimospheres', a series of immersive installations, began touring in 2015-16. He is also founding director of Interaktionslabor, an annual media lab housed in an abandoned coalmine in the Saarland (http://interaktionslabor.de).

Thierry Miroglio is internationally renowned as a soloist and has been invited to perform in forty countries, at numerous venues and many prestigious festivals. Currently working with a solo repertoire of more than 400 works, Miroglio has collaborated with many distinguished composers including John Cage, Luciano Berio, Kaija Saariaho, Jean-Claude Risset, Marlos Nobre, Edison Denisov, Franco Donatoni, Unsuk Chin, Daniel Teruggi, Zhang Xiaofu, Misato Mochizuki, Ivan Fedele, Manfred Stahnke, Marco Stroppa, Gérard Grisey, Philippe Hersant, Ichiro Nodaira, Philippe Manoury, Betsy Jolas and Hugues Dufourt, often giving premières of works of which he is the dedicatee. With numerous productions for international radio and TV stations and many soloist recordings, he enjoys exploring the boundaries of modern music, and has given performances which link music, the visual arts, electronica, dance and theatre into a homogenous whole. Thierry Miroglio studied percussion with Jean-Pierre Drouet and Sylvio Gualda at the Conservatoire National de Versailles, where he was awarded first prize, and later studied Musical Acoustics with Iannis Xenakis at the University of the Sorbonne.  http://www.naxos.com/person/Thierry_Miroglio/250980.htm

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