[NetBehaviour] Semiotic Splatter v, almost formations (shakuhachi time reversal, long-tailed duck chorus, the full series)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Oct 30 03:46:28 CET 2016

Semiotic Splatter v, almost formations


(the whole series at http://www.alansondheim.org/splatter.txt )

image/ music/ video/ reorganizing our world - dreaming of the
thrust, the entrance, the commons, communing, commonality,
communality - not dreaming, rearranging - the long-tailed ducks
beat us already with the chorus - i will reverse time - growths
push and pull ahead - growths dissolve and absorb - need a new
vocabulary - semiotic splatter - again those doubled consonants
- sputter / spatter / shatter / shutter / shudder / scatter /
spitter / - the signs are all around us - denouements - for
examples -

long-tailed ducks choral singing (about 1/4 mile distant)

time reversal through shakuhachi playing outside Acadia
National Park



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