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Remembering loops: interview with Nicolas Sassoon -

Filippo Lorenzin interviews Nicolas Sassoon, a Vancouver-based artist
making use of early computer imaging processes to render fantastical
visions of architectures, landscapes and domestic environments. His latest
work, INDEX, has been presented on the homepage of Rhizome in the first
weeks of October.

In many of the projects by French Vancouver-based artist Nicolas Sassoon,
space and how we perceive it are two of the most inquired questions; it
could seem casual that he mostly makes GIFs, but looking at his works
you'll realise the necessity of reflecting on environments, both artificial
and spontaneous, using such a specific format. His works ask the viewer to
not stop just at the first impressions; sure, most of his GIFs are
astounding in terms of animation, use of colours and shapes, but all this
technical skill is employed for inquiring our position within environments
- not just laptop monitors, but real, concrete buildings and dreamy
contexts as well. This is just one of the many introductory points from
which we can start talking about INDEX, his latest work which has been
featured on the homepage of Rhizome in the first weeks of October and that
can be viewed here, on his website.
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