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World Kobane Day 1 November 2016


Ahead of the November 1 Global Rally for the Freedom and Reconstruction of Kobane, we invite all the people to send graphics, posters, drawings, illustrations etc. that have as a topic the Rojava revolution, the resistance of Kobane and the urgent need to set up a humanitarian corridor to the city of resistance, to allow the reconstruction and recovery of life.

Art is a weapon of solidarity against the war that wants to destroy the culture, traditions and the existence of a people.

This is also resistance, and this form of resistance is necessary because the sacrifice of those who died during the struggle for freedom is not vain.

Support the resistance against ISIS - for Kobane - for Humanity!

To send illustrations:  reconstructkobane at gmail.com (http://reconstructkobane@gmail.com)
​ENGLISH : URGENT CALL FOR ACTION: Global Rally for the freedom and reconstruction of Kobane 

​FRENCH:APPEL URGENT A L’ACTION: Manifestation mondiale le 1er novembre 

APPELLO URGENTE ALL’AZIONE: Manifestazione globale per la libertà e la ricostruzione di Kobane 

​DUCH:https://www.facebook.com/globalrallykobane/posts/964540026902227 (https://www.facebook.com/globalrallykobane/posts/964540026902227)


Reconstruct Kobanê
Rue Jourdan 48, 1060 Brussels
Tel: 00 32 - 485 103 914
Web: http://helpkobane.com/ (http://helpkobane.com/) 
Email: reconstructkobane at gmail.com (http://reconstructkobane@gmail.com)
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