[NetBehaviour] Vector of Texts

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Sep 1 16:08:06 CEST 2016

Vector of Texts


to apply, add http://www.alansondheim.org/ in front and
.txt in back. not all of these are up at the site, but a
good many are; some are in subdirectories; some are gone.
where there are repetitions, they're numbered at the site.

README Internet ADbiblio AandDofit Blood EXE_README Fantasm
MIAMI NYU NYU NYU NYU NYU NYU Past Uncanny Weather a aaindices
abacus ad adbaldwin adchapter adessay adnew adsample advert age
ah alwaysalready am an ap aphoristicADessay apt archiveindex
ashagame asondheimorg avat avatar avatheory b ba baghdad bb
bctrip bio biobreak biog biogold blank blankhz blb bluelion book
bookreviews brick brokenworld bu bunker c cancer case
caseofthereal cauterize cc chapter chaptera char chat cheat
chicago clark collapse convulsion current cyberconf d
dancebadiou dancedesc dancedesign danish dd defuge defuguefugue
derail directory dirty dlsalt dnac drive dvdindex e
earlyselection echo ee emanent emanent enclave englishresume
epoetry equations equationselim esparch essay examples exe
eyearchive f ff filenames film filtering flying foo foofarch
foofwa footnote fop fortda foundational fourth g gatza gg gindex
god h hastac heaven hh httpindex i iI ii ill illeter imageindex
improv index inet insoluble intimacy intimacy_chat invis isis
italianinterview j jew jj jk jl jm jn jo jp jq jr js jt ju jv jw
jx jy k k ka kb kc kd ke keyword kf kg kh ki kj kk kl km kn ko
kon kp kq kr ks kt ku kv kw kx ky kz l la laptop lb lc ld le leo
lf lg lh li limitrevisited lj lk ll lm ln lo longest_day lost lp
lq lr ls lt lu lv lw lx ly lz m ma mailarchive maildeath mb mc
md me med meshworks messay mf mg mh mi millen missive mj mk ml
mm mn mo model morenotes mov movie mp mq mr ms mswd mt mu music
musictextmashup mv mw mx my mylittlezz mz n na nature nb nc nd
ne neh net net net net net net net net net net net net net net
net newarch newarchfull newjew nf ng nh ni nj nk nl nm nn no
nothing nowproposal np nq nr ns nsf nsfconf nsffinal nt nu nv nw
nx ny nz o oa ob oc od odyperform oe of og oh ohioarchive oi oj
ok ol oldaba om on online oo op oq or order os ot ou ourfuture
outline outlinerevised ov ow ox oy oz p pa pain panamar para
parable paris pb pc pd pe pf pg ph ph phen philetc philosophy pi
pieces pj pk pl play playofplays pm pn po postmode pp pq pr
precis project prolegomenon prosepoetry prospect ps pt pu pv pw
px py pz q qa qb qc qd qe qf qg qh qi qj qk ql qm qn qo qp qq qr
qs qt qu qv qw qx qy qz r ra radiothediscrete radiotheworld rb
rc rd re ref remote remoteenc remotes resmusic resume rf rg rh
ri rj rk rl rm rn ro rp rq rr rs rt ru rv rw rx ry rz s sa salt
sandychat say sb sc script sd se sed self sexualpoem sf sg sh
shortbio shortganick si signalintermingling simul sj sk sl slELO
slc sliderule slper slsaemail slsay slscript sltheory sm smell
sn so someblog sondheim sophia sp spray sq sr ss st sta status
stelarc su sum summary supercon surge sv sva sw sx sy sz t ta
talker tb tc td te tf tg th theory third ti tj tk tl tm tn to
tongue totalchoice tp tq tr trace track track treefile treepath
true ts tsunami tt tu tv tw tx ty tz u ua ub uc ud umn umove
velindex velpress vic videofilmessays vir war webindex
whatiscodework wilson writing wvu wvuperform wvusession wvuskin
wvusummary wvutalk

1254942 7613608 49759951 total

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