[NetBehaviour] The artist is typing

Edward Picot julian.lesaux at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 21:18:23 CEST 2016

I like it! I was initially disappointed, like others, that it was only 
going to indicate whether Guido was typing or not, rather than let us 
see his text - but then I went online and had a look at it, and 
initially got a grey-on-white screen telling me that he wasn't typing, 
which changed all of a sudden to a white-on-green screen saying that he 
was, and then it switched back and forth between the two screens several 
times in quick succession, which was oddly exciting and also oddly 
physical, as if you could hear him breathing. It's very elegant, in a 
way that it wouldn't be if you could see the text; and also the sense 
that somebody is there one minute, palpable, and that you've lost 
contact with them the next, is more visceral than I expected.

I also love Bjorn's response, which completely boggled my mind.

- Edward

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