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Mon Sep 5 22:26:10 CEST 2016

often what you can't see is much more interesting than what you can see :)

On 2/09/16 9:18 23PM, Edward Picot wrote:
> I like it! I was initially disappointed, like others, that it was only
> going to indicate whether Guido was typing or not, rather than let us
> see his text - but then I went online and had a look at it, and
> initially got a grey-on-white screen telling me that he wasn't typing,
> which changed all of a sudden to a white-on-green screen saying that
> he was, and then it switched back and forth between the two screens
> several times in quick succession, which was oddly exciting and also
> oddly physical, as if you could hear him breathing. It's very elegant,
> in a way that it wouldn't be if you could see the text; and also the
> sense that somebody is there one minute, palpable, and that you've
> lost contact with them the next, is more visceral than I expected.
> I also love Bjorn's response, which completely boggled my mind.
> - Edward
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