[NetBehaviour] Open Call for HOOKED - paid opp for artists

Katriona Beales info at katrionabeales.com
Fri Sep 9 17:12:33 CEST 2016

Hi All -

Thought some of you may know people interested in submitting some work
to this Open Call - I'm acting as a curatorial advisor to the project.
It's got a decent budget for successful applications so please spread
the word...

Thank you!


HOOKED Open Call - more info here: https://opencall.sciencegallery.com/hooked

HOOKED is the first international, open-call gallery exhibition and
event programme at Science Gallery London, opening in 2018 on the
Guy’s Campus at London Bridge. It explores the neuroscience,
psychology, medical and social aspects of addiction and recovery. Is
everything we know about addiction wrong? Are the things that get us
hooked the things that make life worth living? Do most of us feel the
need to fill some kind of inner void?

The HOOKED season delves into the complex world of addiction and
recovery. Addiction can be defined as a moral problem, a disease, and
even a crime. We look at addiction as a pitfall of being human, a
principle of pleasure, an avoidance of pain and consider the
underlying factors driving our cravings and desires.

We live in a highly addicted society. In a choice environment
encompassing everything from social inequality, genetic predisposition
and peer pressure, everyday things transform into addictive substances
and behaviours. Our engagement with illicit drugs, caffeine, alcohol,
nicotine and food, or activities like gambling, work, sex, shopping -
even using smartphones - has addictive potential.

When does the balance tip into a harmful cycle and how do we extract ourselves?

The exhibition will include a variety of art works exploring addiction
on a personal, clinical, scientific or social level, from a number of
different perspectives.  A public programme of events, activities,
workshops and performances will run alongside the exhibition.


We are looking for up to 14 exhibits and 6 activities, workshops or
performances for this season. Proposals will be funded up to a maximum
budget of £2000, which should include all artist fees, materials,
equipment and travel. One outstanding original work may be
commissioned with a higher budget of up to £5000. Please note that
these are maximum amounts, not targets. We are happy to write letters
of support for applicants seeking funding from elsewhere.​


Open call launches noon on 15 August 2016, closes 5pm (GMT) on 16 October 2016

Provisional exhibition dates: April – July 2018

twitter: @KatrionaBeales
instagram: @bealesabout

'Are we all addicts now?'
http://online-addict.tumblr.com  <http://online-addict.tumblr.com/>
An artist-led enquiry into new pathologies created by digital technologies
and specifically internet addiction, supported by the Wellcome Trust.

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