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Well said Rob.

On 09/09/16 22:46, Rob Myers wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Sep 2016, at 02:54 AM, marc garrett wrote:
>> “The reason many people on the left are excited about proposals such 
>> as universal basic income is that they acknowledge economic 
>> inequality and its social consequences. However, a closer look at how 
>> UBI is expected to work reveals that it is intended  to provide 
>> political cover for the elimination of social programs and the 
>> privatization of social services. The Liberal Party's resolution is 
>> no exception. Calling for "Savings in health, justice, education and 
>> social welfare as well as the building of self-reliant, taxpaying 
>> citizen," clearly means social cuts and privatization.”
> Neoliberal proposals for UBI are obviously Neoliberal and should be 
> opposed on that basis. But the left's engagement with UBI goes a long 
> way past that.
> "Inventing The Future" pages 118-123 (footnotes 91-119) lays out the 
> grounds for left UBI clearly. Or I pulled out some quotes relevant to 
> the above in May of this year -
> http://robmyers.org/2016/05/27/left-universal-basic-income/
> notably:
> "The conservative argument for a basic income – which must be avoided 
> at all costs – is that it should simply replace the welfare state by 
> providing a lump sum of money to every individual. In this scenario, 
> the UBI would just become a vector of increased marketisation, 
> transforming social services into private markets. Rather than being 
> some aberration of neoliberalism, it would simply extend its essential 
> gesture by creating new markets. By contrast, the demand made here is 
> for UBI as a supplement to a revived welfare state."
> This demand is not intended to be made in a vacuum or as an end in 
> itself. "Inventing The Future" proposes it as part of a broader 
> political programme, and as an answer to a particular set of political 
> problems.
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