[NetBehaviour] night heron

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Sep 20 15:46:28 CEST 2016

night heron


"night heron in the night
woke up this morning in a fright
my friend and i in a field, mourning
something on the wind a-borning
there came this threnody -
when the two of us are dead
the grass among us bled
of rose and word and things
and when the heron sings
the night gives way to melody -
we part, we're left alone
bereft, the breath, the tone"

bereft, tone in the the night i bereft, night we're night to in
to when night of the tone us field, the threnody we're wind way
mourning and and grass in there night woke tone alone gives way
and things us are there on a heron morning we're heron bereft,
grass the wind the night there friend heron we and when the
fright when of field, in melody bled the part, of wind woke
melody the i heron - this to us morning we are a to when heron
bled friend to this and a melody there way on - wind alone came
we on the we're something dead alone mourning of breath,
mourning and tone field, night heron mourning part, woke
mourning the in on friend the field, a-borning wind came - - are
two of are when among way rose

tone tone tone tone the tone tone bereft, tone tone tone tone up
the tone in the tone heron breath, tone heron bereft, tone night
we're tone night the the the on breath, tone in the tone up
alone tone night we're tone in to the heron rose the heron
breath, night grass bereft, a alone tone a we're tone this
melody tone woke heron the the us breath, in the heron melody
alone night a-borning we're i - tone a gives tone this and the
woke came the the bereft, in left night of we something to tone
friend heron tone a of breath, this field, the woke alone the
part, heron of melody night there night tone a and tone my the
breath, in my bereft, up left night we in sings to night when
sings tone on word the i of breath, fright up alone morning
we're woke - the we're gives heron dead the there of the field,
- the friend night alone in part, up melody night night heron of
and - us the something came the i left fright we this to night
sings in when and of the tone wind the the a left my - in way
woke heron in way and the are tone this mourning the mourning
we're and - a gives up when the left of night of two tone when
in bereft, the we're in melody fright night this and night us
night and when tone of friend bereft, a-borning we're field, to
friend the morning things night among heron heron threnody tone
dead a bereft, this part, something to and sings in word woke
the heron way came tone us this bereft, - part, the way in heron
fright and up dead in we're a-borning tone and woke bereft, two
part, a-borning way a the my rose this us in breath, the tone
and in bereft, are part, came gives mourning when friend of
morning of the something tone heron night bereft, grass we
threnody gives something when and bled in the the field, tone
way bereft, bled we when night the and i us a when night in we
the and we of night a-borning things a among a - woke i alone
the things we are night came things field, grass my threnody
woke friend night tone the the we the the threnody and something
the friend came up my night the night we us the when and on the
and there this a heron the to we rose the the word wind dead i
a-borning morning in heron breath, part, we word the us word
a-borning are in wind in morning in breath, bereft, we and sings
dead and came us a the a this in breath,

thanks to : Leslie Thornton, Tom Zummer, Luke Damrosch,
Azure Carter

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