[NetBehaviour] some notes from a conference [misspellings intact]

Curt Cloninger curt at lab404.com
Mon Sep 26 23:10:33 CEST 2016


Absence as remains

Weak optimism


Loss like all affect is held in the face.


Polition (sp?)
Critiques picture theory

Noey -- anti-representational theory. Avant garde science of the mind.


1:45 - flicker short donneley

Tom sherman -- Hyperventilation. Trauma. 

Under what conditions and for what purposes are expanded cinema activated. 

Transmission is the work of art, not the action.


Steam and ghosts. 
The politics of (s)kinship.
The pointing/haunting man. 

Chang-min, joel, mercedes

Prenes - writes on the figure.

Timothy choy -- suspension - a third swirling state, like sugar in coffee, prior to dissolution. Attending to the texture of this state.

John peters - media theory of elements. Is media a vehicle, or an environment. 

An activism of elements. An anthropology of dust. 
Karen barad -- ontology of elements. 

Can you think about particles at dust scale while bracketing the physics scale?


Incoherence acts as a cover for state criticism.

How to illustrate dust. 

An emptiness of the present. 


Water bug
Contact that binds but doesn't delve. 
Irigiray -- marine lover


Hesse - non-nothing
Nun - fertile darkness - The all in its condition of not yet


Curse as sculpture
Relation of visibility to action/being
How much less nothing can be
Eve segewick -- touching, feeling. 
Reproductive rather than productive art practice


Serres - the parasite

Lamonte young. Oliveros. 


Difference between tight jump cuts and 30 frames per second. 


ANT related to autonomous vehicles --Latour's Aramis


Non-representational architecture
Sculpture in the expanded field - rosalind krauss


Ontology of turing machine. 
An idea made up of ideal parts, that need not be built in order to be successfully proposed as a machine. 


Polke -- uranium (pink)


Strve reiche -- video artist


Materiality of unpopulated spaces. 


Mal: edward. 
creation of indexical capture systems + tools are themselves a meta-trace of social proclivity.

Lewitt grids
Agnes martin
If signal is given, then noise become an index of affect. Noise becomes the new signal. 
Benjamin: optical unconscious
A somatic unconscious
Bazin - ontology of the photographic image.
Peirce's concept of the index. >>
Sign = tri-parte. Interpretent is the outcome. Signs are a form of relation.
Argument: digital tech lacks indexicality.
Tom gunn. 

Symptomps (future). Tracks (past). Indexicality (more iconic).

Trace = a force.


Margolles and sierra


Duchamp's infrathin. 
Kurgan. Close up at a difference. 
Derrida's parergon. 
W/ the conceptual -- do we only see it if we know it?


You are parasite yrself, bcuz yr not hand-coding yr p5 programs, but yr using open source scripts. But determined by the interests of hobbyist p5 coder culture, determined by reas's interest in swiss modernist ds9 pedagogy of armin hoffman, and abstract generative art.

Which connects out into the world, but not necessarily driven by lamprey being.

Lampreys without organs. So...

How would yr image modulation processes change with a carnivore subject?

Thinking w immanence, not just about it. Thinking is doing. 

Doing is also philosophical. 

Photo-fiction: The photo auto-renders its own processes. Immanentizes photography. 


The man who sleeps - movie - 1974
The affect of indifference. Impossible. A radical passivity that leads to activity. 
Batailles - formless - deforming -- the power of foem to self-deform. 
Krauss/blouch - "formless" a paper
Deleuze -- cinema2. Formless body. White, black, grey. Emergence of a body. 


Rachel rose -- everything and more. 

Laura: opening remarks:

Laurelle non-philosophy
Barthes to neutralize. Zero. 

Line. Grid. Thresholds of representation

Parrika -- on dust and labor. 
Elemental media textures
Mark hansen
Sound. Serres - signal/noise - the parasite. 

Dworkin -- "no medium"


1. The "non-" as withdrawal. 
Malarky/smith on laurelle. 

Nigel thrift - hybrid genre o/ non-representation
Harrison/anderson - events

2. Barthes - fractal thinking. Small, granular thinking, liminal space. 

3. Laurelle - photo fiction. The force of thought. Aesthetics and philosophy on the same plane. 

1 conference was about process - in media res. 

To start from zero. Not neutral. Instead, active intense states. 

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