[NetBehaviour] A search from road 040, an interval between Brasilia and Rio?

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Thu Apr 13 12:12:18 CEST 2017

Morning greetings from road 040 (zqz?)!

A short clip. (3ish minutes)

hen it mentions sponsorship the reference is to info from http://040.5p.lt

Apologies for the face at the beginning :-) 

bandwidth is scarce and net speed is slower than my skateboarding.. :-)

Have much fun!
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> Hiyas,
> Hope this finds you all well!
> From Tuesday 11.04.17, a search from road 040, a linking interval between Rio and Brasilia begins. 
> The search will come from road 040 that links the 2 cities. 
> In this instance, using skateboarding as a negotiative linking tool of movement up and down the
> road, the search will operate for at least another 4 weeks, till the 7th of May. (Ish..)
> People are invited to join the search from home as well as on the road. 
> From home, one can "sponsor" a section of the road and place stuff from them along it. No money is
> required (welcome but not as a barrier) and further details are on:
> http://040.5p.lt/insections.html
> Will be moving through questions such as
> Any idea How art evolves while in the 040 interval?
> The general idea, from 
> http://040.5p.lt
> 040 is a search from being on the road 040, between rio and brasilia, as a way to get the language
> of the interval between the unplanned and planned. What kind of an animal is it?
> Brasilia is a planned city, Rio is unplanned. Each is a living environment that is a consequence
> from the approaches to their urban development. Might each approach produce its own tragedy? What
> is the dramatic link in between?
> 040 is the road that links Rio and Brasilia, between the planned and unplanned imaginations. 
> Let's find out about that link, how does it operate, live and evolve? What kind of a language does
> it
> have? How does it imagine? How does it wonder?
> For about a month, I will live on 040 and interact daily with it, skateboarding up and down it.
> Through attempts to learn 040's own character as a "linking interval" between Brasilia and Rio, I
> will try to develop a language from and of that imagination. To do that, I will use the language
> tools outlined at http://ifxyz.xyz/ifxyz-explain.html and
> http://ifxyz.xyz/ifxyz-about%3F/notes.html 
> People are welcome to join this search both on and off line. Join to question, critique and diss
> the search, language, process, etc. You can support this search project by adding negotiative and
> frictive elements. For example, you can give me things to place / plant along the road.
> http://040.5p.lt/insections.html
> Periodical updates, contact, etc?
> Fron
> http://040.5p.lt
> Cheers and have much fun! 
> From a land when it's sky feels like an ocean!
> aharon
> xxx
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