[NetBehaviour] Disappearance Annihilation

Michael Szpakowski m at michaelszpakowski.org
Sun Apr 16 11:24:14 CEST 2017

Hi Alan -just sending you a list of the files off list... It's 2004 not 2003 ( you gave it to me in Nottingham at the TrAce event)Thanks for the comments about the work -yes - there's definitely some Long, Fulton &c in there.  I like your remarks about freedom.. I don't think things are that different here -we live under the same big dark shadow...I'm just fortunate in finding a space which I can temporarily make my own...warmest wishesmichael

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Thank you, I think a lot is missing - if you could give me a few titles, 
that would be great.

Really liked the new work you put up - it reminds me oddly of Ian Hamilton 
Finley, Richard Long, I think Hamish Fulton. But Buddhism as well, walking 
around a stupa. Beautiful work that also touches on the ability to have 
that freedom; I think, at least for me, the US is brutal now, belligerant 
both abroad and at home; I can't imagine that kind of being; I fear we're 
reaping the whirlwind...


On Fri, 14 Apr 2017, Michael Szpakowski wrote:

> Alan -I have a CD of your work which you gave me in 2003. If anything from
> that period is missing I can send you the files.....
> I tried to recover lost work from the Wayback machine but although the pages
> were preserved the pieces, movies, shockwave pieces, to which they contained
> links were not...
> I don't know how general that is...
> best wishes
> michael
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> Isn't all that archived on the Wayback Machine??
> On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 11:20 PM, Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:
>      Disappearance Annihilation
>      http://www.alansondheim.org/ku 08.png
>      Going through older texts, found this as an example; most of
>      these were listed at http://www.asondheim.org/ - a site that was
>      stolen from me (I never received a renewal notice; someone in
>      Australia bought it and offered to sell it back to me). So that
>      was that, and a lot of the following were lost. No reason to
>      present such a dismal list except to shore myself up.
>      /book
>      /book/talks
>      /shrine/
>      /tao/
>      01trilby.JPG 05trilby.JPG 12trilby.JPG 1491.jpg 1492.gif
>      1947.mov 1969.mp3 1971.mp3 1973.mp3 1974.mp3 37.tif 41.tif 5.mov
>      COURTNEY.GIF DBhome.jpg DOOD.GIF Empirecam.jpg Kilroy.jpg
>      Kilroy.png LOOKXX.MOV ModernMan.jpg P3200017.JPG PLANET.GIF
>      RedLinescara.jpg RedLinescarb.jpg RedLinescarc.jpg
>      RedLinescard.jpg RedLinescare.jpg RedLinescarf.jpg SUPER.htm
>      V.mov aaa.html abughr.mov ad-junct1.jpg ad-junct2.jpg
>      ad-junct3.jpg ad-junct4.jpg ad-junct5.jpg ad-junct6.jpg
>      adadrule.mov adarule.mov advert.txt aftershock.mov aintel.mov
>      airforce.mov albatross.mp4 allegory.jpg allofusnow.png
>      alpine.jpg alpinefil2.mp3 america.exe america.mov
>      americaness.mov amongaes.jpg annoyingegret.mp4 antelope4.mp3
>      antelopebison.jpg antelopevlf.jpg anten1.gif anten2.gif
>      antenburst.gif antenna.mp4 antenna2.jpg antennaslip.mp3
>      antensex.gif antensex1.gif antensex2.gif antensex3.gif
>      archaea10.exe archaea3.exe archaea4.exe archaea5.exe
>      archaea6.exe archaea7.exe archaea8.exe archi35.jpg archon.mov
>      artistic.jpg assignation.mov aster27.avi aster35.avi aster41.avi
>      astro.mov astrofast.mp3 astroslo.mp3 aus.exe aw.gif axis.exe
>      azeds.mp4 azurevlf.mp3 b2s.mov baby.exe backhoe.jpg baghdad.mov
>      bardoa.jpg bardob.jpg bare.mov bathingbeauties.mov bbreast2.bmp
>      bbreast3.bmp bbreast4.bmp bbreast5.bmp bbreast6.bmp bcffils.mp3
>      bcwave.mp3 beginningofthebeautifulworld.m ov bfly.mp4
>      bigpicture.jpg bigpictureco.jpg bingham.jpg bio.mov bklynvlf.mov
>      blackout.exe blackout.jpg blade.jpg blade2.jpg blanked.mov
>      blip.mpg blizgetaway.jpg blizsutton.jpg blond.mov blood1.jpg
>      blood2.jpg blood3.jpg bloom.gif bloom.jpg bloomed.gif
>      blooming.mov blues.mp3 bonze0.jpg bonze1.jpg bonze2.jpg
>      bonze3.jpg bonze4.jpg bonze6.jpg bonze8.jpg borne.ogg
>      bournen.png box.mov boyznoyz.mp4 breenga.mp3
>      bridesandcuties1.jpg bridesandcuties2.jpg bridesandcuties3.jpg
>      brilliant.exe brob1.mov brob2.mov brokeboy1.jpg brokeboy2.jpg
>      brokeboy3.jpg bronze.jpg bronzevid.jpg brood.jpg brood2.jpg
>      brook.jpg brooklyn.jpg brrd.jpg bsdawnflock.mpg buddddhas.mov
>      budddhas.mov bumblepal.mp4 bumblepaldirect1.jpg
>      bumblepaldirect2.jpg bumblepaldirect3.jpg bumblepaldirect4.jpg
>      bushwhacked.jpg cablespeak.mp3 cal.mov capt.jpg carr.mov
>      categoryoftheindustrial.mov categoryofthenatural.mov caul3.mov
>      ch4.jpg charred.mpg charredworld.jpg chicago.mov chorus.mov
>      chorusa.jpg chorusb.jpg chorusc.jpg chorusd.jpg choruse.jpg
>      chorusf.jpg cite.jpg cite2.jpg clara clitoral.bmp coach.mp4
>      coald.jpg coll.mov coll.mp4 combtomb.gif comfun.mov compu.mp3
>      compu2.mp3 contactreleasedance.mp4 convert0.jpg convert1.jpg
>      convert2.jpg convert3.jpg convert4.jpg copperton.mov corrug1.jpg
>      corrug2.jpg corrug3.jpg coup.mov cpu.jpg crack.mp3 crawl.mov
>      crazyjane.mov crimescene.mov crimescene.mp4 cruxbone.jpg
>      cruxflesh.jpg crystalcove23.jpg crystalcove24.jpg cseahare.mov
>      cseahare.mpg cube.mov culture1.jpg culture2.jpg culture3.jpg
>      curl.jpg cz101a.mp3 dad3.jpg danc.bmp dancemenu.jpg darru.mp4
>      darru.mp411k dawnchorus.mp3 dawnchorusb.mp3 dddance.mov
>      deadiniraq.mp4 deathfugue.mov degasdancers.mov degaslegs.jpg
>      degaslegs3.jpg degaslegs4.jpg degasribbon.jpg destroyshesaid.mov
>      dike11.mp3 dike24b.mp3 ding1.mp4 ding2.mp4 directory.txt
>      dirty.png dirty2.png dismal.jpg dismal2.jpg dismallimit.jpg
>      dismallimit2.jpg doctor01.png doctor02.png doctor03.png
>      doctor04.png doctor05.png doctor06.png doctor07.png doctor08.png
>      doctor09.png dow.mpg dreamscreen.mov duanehanson.jpg dump.avi
>      dups.mov dusk.mp4 earthole.jpg earthquake.jpg edge.jpg ega.png
>      elek.mp3 elektra.mpg elk.mp3 ellektra.mp4 empire.jpg
>      endofempire.mov ennin1.jpg ennin2.jpg eternal.jpg europa.exe
>      europe1915.mov eve.mov eve0.mp4 exemplum.jpg explode.jpg f.mp3
>      faace0.jpg faace1.jpg faace2.jpg family.mov fashion.mov
>      fastbreak.mp4 fecundity.jpg feetpersec.mp4 feral.mov
>      fetremake.jpg fields07.jpg fields11.jpg fields13.jpg
>      fields4section.mp3 figurestudy.mov filmshipfilm.mov filter1.png
>      filter2.png filter3.png filter5.png finance.mpg fins.mov
>      flame2.mov flick.jpg flicked.mp3 flight.jpg flows.mov flowss.mov
>      flub.png fluent.bmp flush1.jpg flush2.jpg flush3.jpg flush4.jpg
>      fluxs.mov foofwade.mp3 foofwaroofcurl.mov foofwaroofdown.mov
>      foofwarooftop.mpg frac1.bmp frieze.mov frightful.png frus.mov
>      fuck.mp4 fucking.jpg fuji.jpg fuji2.jpg fullarss.mov
>      fullmarss.mov fulsh.mov fung.mov funnn.mp4 funs.mov furl.jpg
>      furry.jpg futurefuture.mp3 futureworld1.jpg futureworld2.jpg
>      futureworld3.jpg futureworld4.jpg g.mp3 garden1.gif garden2.gif
>      garden3.gif garden4.gif gb.exe gcac.jpg gcac10s.mp3 gcacbldg.mp3
>      gcacsonata.mp3 gcacsonata2.mp3 ghaste.mp4 ghostboat.jpg
>      girlie3.bmp girlspeer.jpg girlspeer3.jpg girlspeertoo.jpg
>      global6.mp4 godgift.bmp godslove.jpg gorge.jpg gorge2.jpg
>      groundzero.jpg grundfragen.mp4 gu.mov guard/view h.mp3 h1.jpg
>      hack.jpg hawk1.mov hawk2.mov hbsnomadic.mov head.htm heap.mov
>      heartland.jpg heartlandexperimentalmovie.mp4 help.mov hit.mov
>      hol1.png hol2.png hol3.png hold.jpg holler.mov hollyfall.jpg
>      homebody.jpg hu.mov huheh.mov hurricane.mov hyperaccelerator.jpg
>      impure.mov in.htm index.html index.html (sva) inextremis1.jpg
>      inextremis2.jpg inextremis3.jpg inextremis4.jpg infinity.inf
>      informatics.bmp inherinhim1.jpg inherinhim2.jpg inherinhim3.jpg
>      inherinhim4.jpg inherinhim5.jpg inherinhim6.jpg innocents.mov
>      insideaes.jpg insidepennsylvania.bmp installedlife.jpg
>      intheworld.jpg intothedark.mpg ion1.mp3 ion2.mp3 ion3.mp3
>      ion4.mp3 jpgs.mov juarezmudruin.mov jumpin.mov jumpinn.mov
>      jungamer.mov jungamers.mov k.mov k27.jpg karnival.mov kiev.mov
>      kiev2.mov kievfollowfocus.mov kyber.mov laguna.jpg lakes.mov
>      laketube3s.mov laketubes.mov landscapewithapplications.png
>      lastempire.mov lastgaming.mp4 lb.wav lean.mov length.bmp
>      life.mov lifecho.mp4 liss1.png liss2.png liss3.png lobe.mov
>      lohengrin.mp4 long.bmp long.bmp18 lorbbs.mov lorelei.mp4
>      loving.mov lowl.jpg lowl2.jpg lucy.jpg luveyoubaby.jpg luz.mp4
>      machinedream.png machinic.png madea.mov madea.mov900k
>      magicscar1.jpg magicstar1.jpg magicstarscar1.jpg mapp.mov
>      marienbad.mov marsocean.gif marsocean2.gif marsocean3.gif
>      marsocean5.gif marsred.mov marss.mov maze.jpg measure1.png
>      measure2.png measure3.png measure4.png medea.mov medea.mov400k
>      memtrace.mov mgnanoml.mp3 miami98.mp3 mine.mov modig1.jpg
>      modig2.jpg mommy2.jpg mono2.jpg monster.mov mor.mov morb.mov
>      mount.mov mournfulghost.mov moveleft.mov mudrah.mp3 myascii.jpg
>      mybabydead.jpg mydeadwife.mp4 myfear.jpg myfear2.jpg
>      myloveofwater.mov mynight.bmp myrealwork.mov mytruework.mp4
>      myvoicefive.jpg myvoicefour.jpg myvoiceone.jpg natural.mov
>      natural.mp3 nature.mp4 nebula1.png nebula2.png nebula3.png
>      nebula4.png nebula5.png nebula6.png nebula7.png nebula8.png
>      nervoussystem.mp3 neworld.png neworleans1881.jpg niagara.jpg
>      nightflight.mov nina.mov nine/ node.mp3 normalcar.gif
>      normallinois.jpg nova.mov nring.mov nschelling.jpg
>      nudedescend1.mov nudedescend2.mov numb.exe numb2.exe numb3.exe
>      numb4.exe object1.png object2.png ocean.mov oilrig.jpg one.mov
>      oooo.mov oppose16.jpg oppose18.jpg oppose23.jpg oppose24.jpg
>      oregontrail.mpg org.mov organ.jpg organsound.mp3 orgasm.mov
>      origin0.jpg origin1.png origin2.png origin3.png origin4.png
>      outcrop.mov outsideaes.jpg overlook.exe paracite.png
>      parasight.png passion.mov path.jpg pavanne.mov peace.mov
>      peggycove.mp3 peggywave.mp3 peopleofthebook.jpg
>      perfectbreast.jpg perfectbreast2.jpg perfectbreast3.jpg
>      perfectwave1.jpg perfectwhite.jpg perfectwomb.jpg
>      perfectwomb2.jpg perfectwombre1.jpg perfectwombre2.jpg
>      performance.mov pest.exe pest2.exe photoghoul.jpg pinned.jpg
>      pinup.jpg planetbike.jpg planetshore.jpg planetwing.jpg
>      plantplant.mp3 plusplustaptap.mp4 polypore/ potential.jpg
>      presterjohn.jpg probe1.mp4 probe2.mov probe3.mp3 probe4.mp3
>      protoausch.mov pu.jpg punctum.gif pushed1.jpg pushed2.jpg
>      pushed3.jpg raise.mov rav.jpg rdingnidr.jpg rdingnidr.mp3
>      rdingnidr2.jpg rdingnidr2.mp3 red.mov redtide.jpg remake.mov
>      replete1.png replete2.png replete3.png replete4.png
>      restoration.jpg revolvingjail.mov rhinegold.mov rollin.jpg
>      room.mp4 roost.mp4 roovss.mov ruined.mov runds.avi rust.exe
>      ruv.mpg sac.mp3 sac1.jpg sac2.jpg sac3.jpg sac4.jpg sac5.jpg
>      saigon.mov scler.exe scratched.jpg script1.jpg, seal.mp4
>      seam3.bmp seamount2.mov seamount3.mov secrecy1.png secrecy2.png
>      sermonmount.mov shoes.jpg shouldher.mov shuddertalk.mov
>      signal.mov skindeep1.jpg skindeep2.jpg skindeep3.jpg slbee.mp3
>      slcmod2.mp3 slsaconf1.mp3 slsaconf2.mp3 slu.avi
>      smallworldmurmur114302.jpg smallworldmurmur114303.jpg
>      smallworldmurmur114304.jpg smallworldmurmur114305.jpg
>      smallworldmurmur114306.jpg snapshot16.png snapshot17.png
>      socal.bmp sonata.mov sondheim sore.mov sorewave.mov sound/
>      source.bmp source.mp4 speechofbuilding.mp3 spheric/ spirit
>      splice.mp4 spool.mov squareonthefaceofthewoman.jpg sque.mov
>      squee.mov star.exe starsavage1.jpg starsavage2.jpg
>      starsavage3.jpg start.mov start2.mov statenegative.jpg
>      statepositive.png stet.mp3 stick.jpg stone.jpg straddle.mov
>      stranges.mov stranges2.mov struct.png studio.jpg studio.mp4
>      studio2.mp4 suck.mp4 summer.mov sun.mov surfrodf.mp4 surplus.mov
>      susan.jpg susan2.jpg susan3.jpg susangra.jpg svengali.mp4
>      swan1.jpg swan2.jpg swan3.jpg swan4.jpg sward.jpg swardd.jpg
>      sway.mov sweep.jpg swol.mov swole.mp4 swollen.mov swoon.exe
>      tail.html takefour.mp3 takemycarshome.jpg takeone.mp3
>      takeseventeen.jpg takethree.mp3 taketwo.mp3 takex.mov
>      takingleft.mov takingstraight.mov tao.mov tao/ tao0.mov tao2.mov
>      taps.mp3 target.mov tat.mp4 teart.mov technoloss.jpg
>      technoloss2.jpg technoloss3.jpg technoloss4.jpg ter.tif tern.mov
>      tern2.mov tern3.mov terncrash.mov terror00.mov terror01.mov
>      terror02.mov terror03.mov terror06.mov terror07.mov terror10.mov
>      terror11.mov terror14.mov terror16.mov terrr.gif test.mov
>      textscan1.png textscan2.png textscan3.png textscan4.png
>      textscan5.png textscan6.png textscan7.png tha.mov
>      theargumentsofar.png theisland.mov thewash.jpg thog.mp4
>      thongs.mov thread.jpg thrull.wav thrumb.mp4 thule.mov thung5.jpg
>      tine.mp4 tine06.jpg tine13.jpg tine15.jpg tinitusss.mov
>      titanii.mov to.mp4 torn.MP4 torn.jpg township1.ogg township2.ogg
>      tra.mov treasure.mov tree.jpg tree.mp4 troth.jpg trrrr.gif
>      trunc.mov tt.htm tustinblimphangers4.mpg twirple.png twist.png
>      twistl.mov twistsub.png tz.exe unbalanced1.ogg unlinked.jpg
>      uphigh2.jpg uselesschart.jpg uselessgames.mp4 ust.mov
>      uttermost.mov uu.htm verge.jpg vflw.mp3 victor.aus vienna.mov
>      viet.png virgax.jpg visitor.mov vlf1.jpg vlf2.jpg vlf3.jpg
>      vlfirvine vlfmoan.jpg voice.jpg volkswagen.mpg volute.mov
>      vvv.jpg war.jpg warlove.jpg warn.jpg warnngsample.mp3
>      watcher.jpg water.jpg waters.jpg wave1.jpg wave26.jpg wavers.mov
>      waves.mov web.exe western.png western2.png
>      whataboutmotvalise.htm where.mov whirl1.jpg whirl2.jpg whit.mp3
>      willetaud2.mp3 willetfil1.mp3 woll.jpg woll2.jpg woll3.jpg
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>      worldb.png writings.tar wtc.mov wtc1.jpg wtc2.jpg wtc3.jpg
>      wump.mov wump.movORDERBORDER wuv.mov wvetc.mov wvus.mov
>      wwiii.mov x.html xzais.mov xzzais.mov yamahabchor.mp3
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>      http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/writers /sondheim
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