[NetBehaviour] The Voice of God, Voice is voice

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Thu Apr 20 04:18:09 CEST 2017

The Voice of God, Voice is voice


The Voice of God is continuous, a continuity, always and
forever; the Voice of God is quiet, you must obeisance, must
supine, spondee, appearance, comfort, surround, among; the
Voice of God is voice.

The disarticulation of the voice is the burden of the human;
articulation is the obdurate murmur of the world. Is the burden
of being-human, identical and closure with the burden of being
itself, in other, different words, among us, the-among, vac.

(To listen, earphones, quietude, supine, continuous, surround,
the commons.)

uttermost utube uuhtm uuu uuuttt uvb v vac
they envelop the universes in vac and origin and denouement
Thermophilic envelop universes vac denouement suturing mourning,
they envelop the universes in vac and origin and denouement,
thermophilic envelope universes vac denouement suffuring

         "When men, Brhaspati!, giving names to objects, sent out
Vak's first and earliest utterances
         All that was excellent and spotless, treasured within
them, was disclosed through their affection."
         "Where, like men cleansing corn-flour in a cribble, the
wise in spirit have created language,
         Friends see and recognize the marks of friendship: their
speech retains the blessed sign imprinted."
         "With sacrifice the trace of Vak they followed, and
found her harbouring within the Rsis.
         They brought her, dealt her forth in many places: seven
singers make her tones resound in concert."
         "One man hath ne'er seen Vak, and yet he seeth: one man
hath hearing but hath never heard her.
         But to another hath she shown her beauty as a fond
well-dressed woman to her husband."

(Wikipedia, Rigveda 10.71.1-4)

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