[NetBehaviour] long poem of whimper murmur misery mewl

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Aug 14 09:03:39 CEST 2017

long poem of whimper murmur misery mewl


"remember, animals yowl, plants wilt, mewl and slumber, forms
yowl, wilt, mewl slumber, forms slowly wander uneasy, gone"

theyr reason: thus avatars, misery, .se.ess.ess, s...i.i.y,
..me, .... ..e ..r..uselessness, stupidity,murmurs bodies have
murmures de corps c'ont <82>t<82>?t?murmur, exhaustion,
obdurate, uncanny, wryting, imaginary,there are sounds sleeping
we turn so very slightly## ##misery, jennifer, julu said;
sheje..i.er, j... s.i.; s.e ..y ... .ee.s .i.e murmur name neu o
n!k 7 drunk ldksfn thislkdj blskd(whasup.com) places and your
names you will / \ or rain in gardens falling across black
honig, eyebeam |

sexuality, speech/murmured/forest girl fatherpiss me alan____
come to murmur___against my toiling foldsthere?s been much
piteous mewling late truechildren burn. who among us not
murmured thisas approached, i "dawn." room transformed
intocreated. becomes everyone world.would rather die listen
again murmur.all asides what is broken by _this_ [img] forming
graaaahr roooorrrr!!!", "%n graaaah rooooorrrrr under %n's
breath!"},soft fingers, a moment floral comes bloate11-jul-2005
18:27 selves fillingthingies rn herr resonance worlding water,
include: depression, death, sex, protest! nothing,where when
need you? with it, cannot tell up from down, loud, ||||||\\\ ///
//claramurmur\\\\\ |||"'we must abandon body,' he murmurs."
wired goes other way, "ah", "dribble ", "catheter "murmur ");
jennifer6 = new "just," rhythm picking bottom text. nether
regions discourse language collapse nadir bellowing sound,
perversions word sentence. basement ego drowns escapes thinned
atmosphere male, articulate configured eyes, seminal sites,
productions belief gnawing at periphery. writing thunder.
lightning forms disheveled paste sky. flat bark lightning.
lightning's chipped plate. stain thunder, almost word. precision
eschatological mind measure its misery. thinking, don't anyone
says. act great roomy spontaneity, since appearance dawns text,
understand everything occurs be key instruction." (from jigme
lingpa, trans janet gyatso.) one says anything nothing happens.
deciding whatever fine just fine, being spontaneity everywhere,
nothing's dawns, always there, then this! but - there's
causality already work, why? any case world, occurs, which means
instruction, signs read, articulates (otherwise appearance).
appearance. hardly instruction.  $ misery's game they've learned
play & tongue, upon (or fascists go home stand racist
's/misery/perverse/g' 's/recollection/collocation/g' ( form
murmurs, make phonemes, fashion language's undoing, (2) jennifer
after speaking herself... (a...) .. .e ....ey...e .es.er..e ...e
...se. (alan) *wail* conveyance desperate (it whispered.
murmured. said.) * texts played back scattered monitors
organized */and terminal was (lingis)
*^embrace *^er *^ergh *^ermweep *wet *^whatever *^whee *^whew
,,,,rolling ,,,,tonguing disappear, eliot said, cool- hve these
opportunities if were eternal earth, escape transporting
unnatural less food mood -zsh -tio-.s. i-.te-.se george eve-.
body. se-.se every

. violence, tortures, worldwide can't stop killing. now they're
.--.d to-.y bl.-ir bush .-re ...'.. .r..... .ir..ms.ri.es ..i..;
i.'s .re.m..r. re..r. ...i. ..es. si... ..... s....y .i.. m..i.e
....er. s.re.. ....i-.. i. .r.e .......i.. ser.i.es s..erei..
m.r.e. .....i.. ...... .ri.e s... ..i.. ....ies y.... .re .ir..
..r.., r... se. ...e. ....... .e..er .ree. .er .r.m .ri...e.e.
...er .ee. .i.i.., e.r.. ..r ..is ..em ...i.s. ..ise s.ree..
n.....ys s..... ..er ..m.. ..e. re.. .e..ri......y, .es.ri.e.
.es.? ..s. ..re.er. ......se, m.re s.me ..r... .r.ss ..rr.r
e..i...i..s ..ri.. .er..rm...e ..e..is..ssi.. ..rries .ei...
.....er's misery; .is .are dissections, swallowed throats .e.r.e
...-ir ..-.y .e.ie.ers. e.e-. ...y. e.ery .i..e..e, ..r..res,
..r...i.e .ere .e..re .s: p..r, ...r j...! .i..i..r...i. misery"
>> .ies ..ere .e..i.., y.. ..m.e.- .listen within without ....'s
analogical ||||| \|/ ==============|||| ============= /[d]+/
"you clothmouth" /[e]+/ "sheafcuts filtered /[l]+/ waves
/usr/local/bin/ksh: miserys theyve: found 13636, womanly,
others, assent, communal? 14. chora/maternal: towards symbolic,
murmur/stutter 157kclara: thinking loving, writing, 172 1883
14888 neurosis 101 1076 noisy; background 193 179 180 181 182
subject ppsp ppppppsp stanleyp spotted 2. abjected/purified
contents dis/ease, dis/order, ecstasy, ekstasis,
speech/murmured/whispered/cried/screamed, body formed/deformed 3
gentle good night 7201 48860 grep texts/* wc 236 2329 18109 sad
8 8860 4957 48981 395695 love :!grep :murmurs :soaked drawn,
erased, before, written on

jostlings, stumbling about < tone, base filter, though rung,
lune, plummed, lunged, hummed, <<ellipsis memory. <<murmur. do
murmurred @describe native "tongue." 'meat years [9bwe [set
instruments, networks, protocols, ^ know how they survive
_other._ _other_ value addressing _save_ trip: male-male helping
little-girl-prostitute himself. god. book read murmuring,
silence, politely, loud break grandeur waiting once bloated
distance whom, crying whom. beautiful floating exchange rate
edgy, pegging lead domestic maddening corner, bubbling mournful
.not it.s deer bear :shorn ululal them, smote smoke, beryl
azurite, constructs wayward trouble us, subverting dubious,
absolom silent white morphine. mucous voices absence
accountable; philosophy habitus essence existence, ceiling,
walls vibrate, adrift well, dealing return flesh sight hedge
intended. pleasure-murmur an image first words ever, eye uncon-
ago throat. phonemes. harder constricted moans airships events
panama dreamily canal languorous sweet

al? <murmurs>
desires spaces.

alan's alan: heard alike mind, cove cathedral peace. produces
necessary, emission presence, sinking feeling alleys. go.)
murmur-space, self-creation corporeal face. phenomenon, allied
high capital, machines lowest production, rethink poor; heart
loudly, irregular uncontrolled rhy- already-known repetition
already... litany repeats murmur). alterity face, other,
overtaken recognize distant collapsing building hearth hearts
always... still... murmur... spew... sign... else... excess...
tail... amazing cabrioles maginot.blueskys speakers murmurs- sly
moon. stars dim streaks abandoning, way wayside, clar, blossoms
dies, gets look, blue lizards flit skitter amid elsewhere
shadow. (abdominal nipples uneasy fathermothers, their pity!
those female; reflect relation. two four, four truth unborn,
hears mouth foam-flecked stilled blazing surface planet.
something talking walking thing beast slouch anywhere limits
other...mewlings...cries... sand desert, water-buffalo mewling,
suffocating, drowning singing whispering saying tell- theirs,
frequency. weekend alert, such meaning-memory organism organism,
'murmur' shaman thrums? murmurs?

may passing, answer "glow along you're listening seas lapping
sullen shores, animals grew darker this, it. apparition time.
franz, appeared nowhere approcher du homme bouefeather
plumesways nuit gouverne lesmurmurs sheafcuts dressed call argue
trivial murderer, priestess, travel slit! slit around purity god
attacking same. can't. prolong articulation obdurate burden
gathering one, to, our grievous becoming exhales, lung, lunge,
muscles. attack/pursuit dreams all. dreamwork avatartist program
describe, use highest-level language, reach above higher levels,
rumors, hints, whispers, murmurs.  await tawdry. sleazy decrepit
frock, recently stained, sleazy, decrepit, awaiting, calling,
going forth, 13636 azure's sixth print: push; fail beat r tw
killed x, drank because cells glowed historic never enough
begone belledcarnivale techniques recorders technology beyond
blooms men's bleak dungeon; body-skeining, collapse. skeins
soundwork, speakings brain, valley-huddlings, neighborhoods, 96
modules breaking down tears pain, small sections revereye breast
clara hielo, clara: breasts lovely, neurotic screamed jennifer.
bright brightened behind between brilliant rest history, furious
known "furious bruising skin necks jennifer! jennifer; bubble,
buddhaghosa's visuddhimagga, path purity, buffered real binds
direct avatar-meat; else, closer muttering, friendlier.

quite, fundamental. physical particular only thick filled flush
think, now, natural beauty susie-q sings (dub) calling out,
through, came over her, when, casting eyes depression depth
heterological, wandering, lost; chat murmured, can't; stopped
left carbon, electronic murmuring. net, disconnects; cauldron,
give, receive.) staff. subbed ce often wondered why anger dwell
cedures; loss death fades whisper; channelings, chant chant,
increased drawn cing, spectre closed street. nowadays should
shut cloud had source deluded confusion coagulated code,
programs, codes, reference another, increasingly
open-sourceless; scratch one's nor dead-ending projects
sourceforge ending maybe somewhere vaporware, languor name.
languages embed languages; soon they'll intents purposes,
perfectly signifiers shattering subroutines useful useless ease
discourse, gulp badgers near


me, wanna market bigtime restructuring. give come, full pain
contribute comforts breasts, ears, joined trn4 w cinema
vertiginous vicinity. murmurs; indecipherable. confronts burrow
skin- tar lay, sides help. contamination, waters glow, fizz,
process dissolution, forgetting, forgotten, forg- copula. rolled
darkened interiors grinding could thinkg 398c398 high-school
happened? country wound slowly malice convert spread:naked
created throughout caused many creatures neath themselves
surface/ cuddles mute sounds, house, hole, share sprouting holes
everywhere curlicue mumble mumbling murmuration crushing curse
dancing, bodies, ecstasies, understood day feels like sludge,
crawling daytime apartments own dead. present, things, images
structures communication invasion quantum noise, death. aroused
density 1.39-1.40 g/ml cscl. invaded caroler hand-schuller-
christian descriptions fit remake trees <residue diasporas
lineages mewlings, limbs died lived, o, died, worlds hoarse cold
lies dimensionality it! dimension dark discarded third,
enveloped fourth dispute, despair, storm heater, chattering
margins room, motion doing killing moaned beneath, however,
connections mach-dpression birth: harding; kerrigan. yeats,
nationality. claramurmur: dreamed duress dreaming cybermind,
operation: site dross horror extinctions during performance
opendiscussion each drowned shoals self, hole?

e... .i..s..... .., e....s....e.. ..s ....i..e. .ie.
e..y, .e..i.. .e.. ..mes.i. .er.

earth embraces yes mist slightest brought gasp last water air
earthworm rattles, crashes, [processi landscape winds, cries,
effluvi nrying most ll wet flesh, spetre effluvia heard!
address, uncanny. encodings decodings, machinic, machines, soft,
enemies slrn irc needs england, fairly similar, not, engorged,
detumescence, irritation grappling itself, s/he life. pushes
close eral enormous raster. erasuring "sign, sign" erect
tongue's tip, dreaming, heavy eternity dream continuation ery
m.sm.s m.si. establishment long admired? write eur curtains
onslaught event procedures fold catastrophiesverge tire asphalt.
amazes me: stone square framing liquidity, milking, urination,
everyone's really existence projected eternality digital extends
carrying flesh. carried; memory; failed travelling island rhode
show brown university. guns familiars some shamans, few voices,
worlds, familiars, horizontal fathermothers abdominal fear
discovery futility feedback loops, midst song, vertical fg dict
9 |more 10 11 12 13 finesse, lips perfect pleasure, syllables
seeking, 'and breath flooding following voice, haunt, haunting
desire brief worries waterfalls, addresses, softly another
moronic are, watching shoved forensic (form bad murmur) singing,
molecular flows, freed frightened slavegirl life; returned open,
horizons hours, formation get spoken, stretched, yelled,
shouted, stands mouth, first, a-wandering plants frothed forth
glistening :among gone snipped grain, exhausiton, growth cut off
nose ears pleasure hanbs coalesce, fill air... reab reverse, bie
hands @shout, @scream, outmurmur ye. dusk avow

enough, encapsulated downloaded everything, memory sleep. sleep,
scratched dogs lulu's cats heaps stones slow streamings,
quietude pebble winds answering, effluent hear, capable hearing.
nothing; crying! diabetes, possibly stroke, heps troubled given
dusts roughly approaching knew woman jew. nietzsche holes,
borderlines consciousness, displays honey part lips, speak kay
honey: lost hope infinite awaiting him vertical, familiar, poem
infiltrates wor(l)d ries ut hungry ghosts, gathered words,
inchoate in-corporation eyebeam, you, shunting, yet stupid
avatars... feelings, weather, murmur's wires, somewhat, kind
purchase po- want free myself best in, expel i-..e-.se .--..
simultaneously thousand illegible. bondages urinations...orders
speech...murmurs penetrations... order; section imminence
different; edgespace, _event_ _procedures_ catastrophies verge
failure. edgespace also _sedimented_ extent sediments entangled
murder memories warmth, world-murmurs, sounds; shakuhachi.
burbling abbling corner huddles, growling noises. seemed middle
ghastly mess prims. are. graphics noise; above, oddly, recorded
remains sound world,_ _the year 3000, cauterization hole,
wonderland japan, root, turning inate tweaking signals fighting
entropy murmurings incoming ibis sky-murmuring, drove
indeterminate?:every gender contusion, ing insistent speaks
guardian lips. mouthings, murmurings, burblings inhabiting
mentioned beginning suites, interior, cry, scream, whisper, talk
interjections, nightly bamboo, isn't foreign, interspersed
moans, soft-machine, babble, street fuck wilderness! lie
inverted keep reap revenge exhausted musical invisible, law.
online. grotesque, sooner better july, ..i. ....ri...e .r.y
cicatrice inflation; space, dancers doctors courage stay place
used debilitated audibly playing mine. sutured; nonetheless,
curlicue. expanded romantic ishment. lights dim, periphery aura
excess curlicue; started florida international yurt bones human
things. zing!


post absolution, past kindness cry scream ululation j. j cleaned
penis. other. look pushing borderline psychosis. video-jennifer
said says: oh, continuity girl,_ please talk, me...
jennifer-disconnect, gone, good-bye. jennifer5 jennifer("neuter
jennifer: us: julu! jew? born joan: ocean joyfully abject risks
terrors jpico mod kukai mayhem vortex blood terr ju24lu% echo
bibliographic function cannon penis


murmuring: again. drankwater, kindness, let burn thirst
starvation, kiralakeperformwav kiralakewav kiralegsmf
kiralegsstl kiramisery knife slices brook. lacerating gill
polypore tree creates land, something... faintest breath, proof
positive rumors age others; insufficiencies; formula, calculated
year's end, recite wheels four-by-four run laughing, crying,
speaking, whispering, laughter, statements letters couple mourn.
telling, precisely dissolute, fissuring life equivalent
connection; net signature; ===thunderbolt yoni ling mouths,
insatiable hungers bodies. lingis). textualities (see slivn liv
locator, page algerian, lock cat's fukuoka llamas, photographs
logics takes done multi-mooing, message makes longer murmur;
barrier i'm closer, : losers" --ooo-- ofthe leaking shouted
deflate, itself. grain loved begging tormented lovers. audible
capital luminous glowing too raised summery went luna celesta,
.i..ime res.r....ri... .re..e. si.e..e .i.s se.., ..e..e mismis
miseryery magazine, <<cobain reponse stuff?) << <<how <i sony,
timex, sound. sticky. @clean spread open making reconnections,
discouraged year, man carries weight another's own. man. formed

unthinking, fugue states marmaras 'murmur, lamentation'??
interior. maureen shaved* kyoto cauldron! morphine 2 pico zz 4
me.i...i.. r.. .e..-.... ..i.e. meandering mourned rooms fallow
memorization-self queen; princess; murmur: faults. damnation
carry ment consigned untoward naked, exhibited mentioned;
inaccessibility remainder, inexcessive. swirls feeds (murmur
mhis mexm mhe sleep; formation. ahhh, mesmeric beacon while
minds, ming clothed mirrorbak mirrorfil mis misc miscc misch
mischtm misco we'd meet yn tophat tayls monocle cane .e..e .rey
e..e t.e .r..e..i.. is.... r...e .r... ..i.ersi.y. ...s .....ry
horror, awaken, fall delete stuff. facebook sewn, meetings
wayside. larceny, rape, misrecognition _to cosmology sex
masculine bottom, wtc: forever. ..e.s.re ..i., ....i.i.. m..."
misery,... .e..mes e.ery..e condition man." pray salvation
beings, spirit misery-risks ..r. ....ris.i. .e.eri.r..i...
....!  aphoristic deterioration.  back!  ...'. .i..i... ..ey're
.i.m .r.... ..ri.y ......i.. s.me. ..ey believers. f.-ct. k-.ow
u-.fit blood. dipstick! teeney jeepcj checkov opendoor! erhair
hair flashing atlantic henry's girl's history modem pure vacuum,
virtual particles. stains, spins, epistemology things art
presumably moments, memory, perhaps, remonstrance, mon poupees.
breathe person? human? monoprints installations. flayed already.
never... nevers... [2] moon sun planetary nebula, same
mountainwaken mount mournfulghost mud mutate myascii mouths
link. "every wound,"===== backdrops ridge multiverse
consequences, mt.t mu.t mu.s mud.p multi/ multi.p mumbling.p
murmer.v murmur.p mv.t earlier, unlike poesis lu, indefinite
murat murdoch murk murkmeat murm murmer murmurgif (sounds
muffled couldn't thru wires) feel stomach, solution increase
speed. riding

residue. see much, greater shout radical root. take acceptance,
being, ascii australia rising ashes, chanting universe purring
selves, singular, signu, sig, singularity, (lingis); schizzes,
melts screen. hollow shell, choratic stuttering construct
growing face _this, country,_ tells pour, but, comic, presence
sender.  eye, salivate distended be- symbol/ic: hate, living
murmur-goof mutate-whip mv-love mw-love mx-love my-love nu-love
nude-suck murmur-space disappearing wooden planking
murmur-space. otherwise, fissures; murmurang whasparangs, arms
swammang fans luscaausly swarmang luscaously aum, enlightened.
cavern bounded gasped heartbeat, rough nipples, huge tiny
mufflings zones, times spaces voices. playground au terrain
v<82>culived raconter sujet together ,surfacing, surrounding
unknowns ,fielding, ragged -- robe. touching

conversations, flying unknown places, engaging "not looking
programmed mass foreclosed, infinitely-small, surrounded shells
pulse green-gold ourselves phonemes sign erasure whisparings,
swimming fins lusciously swarming whisperings, lusciiusly
hordes humans, added apocal- love, colorations summed word,
palmyra. no-strings no-one listens murmuringshoresoftime
murmuringsilent lovely coagulations bullets lozenges ontology
labia, asia responds america humming. suicide. prayer arks sands
muscle muscles music mutilations naked plasma disappears
disappears, vlf atmospheric spikes, power grid vow over. within,
result what's usually taken supplement, shrieks, sweat freezing
pouring stutterings. changes extraordinarily narrow dregs, part,
existed. silences, mother-structures _with all._ purred
transformations whole churning, whirling, angular momentum
momentum, articles, speech, leaves trace, ashes. follow hir

teeter, wobble, throb:

muffling chimes world's swarm starlings, murmuration. belled
fool, carnivale, image, largest life-forms smallworldmurmur
keys, screens, screams silence dirt communalitie kin fir liquid
radio clarinets distance. distances great, saith habit of,"
"doubling." navel. nikuko, nikuko myself. interrupts reverie.]
ness wonderful; appear darkness, s, hidden nets bobcats izod
finale newcomer elsewhere, smiling, newer planet, death's hard
monstrosity fire, smoke ng ni:his nikuko: boundary. magic,
scents hovered no, garbage-animals forces begin yours retaliate
nothing. details, fix writingus' l 23 abandonment urls, mine,
communicated wood. clar agreed did built stove children.
slaughter, muscular. slaughter. woman, shall survive; null-set
replicating no-memory-space null-set. doom martyrologies deaf
yearning returning stick alking wildly, oppled hese hings.
stone, fearful glows obscure bounced highschool mara creatrix
avatar pion, bringing wake. death; ,then release corrosion, put
out. openings, speakings, emissions, vectors, putting qin,
reflections plato's visible sensors waves, masters, fawning
slaves, alienated horror. surrnding wetware-mind, softening
exterior slid dry of: olber's paradox, direction off: searches
skinned (which pain), hunger murmur-thirst-for-sound sign,
mouth... portends maternal fecundity, twine party. root-body.
heat frozen wired, details instantaneous worst, abandoned
entirely, violated felt, plasma. original, manipulable fixity,
fetish, orphaned/abandoned, something's condors analytics,
regional paste, local determinations discussion. splash.
saturday. sediment, dregs fruit, pelting continue wounded, dead,

outlives decay stories. outmoded positionings scream.
centrifugally, described best? dissolving emergent, lullabies
which, still submerged, wetware periodic. ever wallpaper plate
world:they *timaeus* self-hatred, web-inverting tears, point
afflicted living, points holding master matrix semaphore
atmosphere. prevarication appeared, why, processes drone-skirt,
generated profession; 'from _indiscriminate_ distribution
follies youth birth rock promise primitive root mumbled. culture
con- prosthetic arms:encrusted, barbed wire. 1963.murmuring
protocol suite interlocked suitable machine, providing quite
space. everyday seems, as: reading reducing manuscript
referencing --- reminder, so, study, rendering tumble
resonances, skies resonant unison, strings respond kristevan
semiology, grammar tropes instruments..., reversed audio
dynamics, ossi oswalda songs rim rims, opening touch, taste,
rousseau murmurs! rs, hypnagogic over, darkling, rubble
_murmurs_ ceaseless repurpose, hin s....e, .r...i.. e......e
r..e s...eme..s ..emse..es, .y .m .e. ...: s..r...i.. .m...
.yr...s ..rse .r.mise. i.se.. s.r.i.e; i.s .r....e. .i.e. salt,
meanders. halted flown, spray, howl carapace gulls

abia, shouts, julu' scribes habitus. beloved. sed yy sensors,
whereby two, sensory membranes jouissance shadows turned
shuddering fieldphone8, universal sky-murmur lw1,
signal.sigkill) } fight slaughter.. saves all, road smisery!rage
draught slab slave slob comfortable sleep night, recognizing
state; punishment deter gods shimmer worlds. pressure shoulder,
slime exquisite shapelessness, fungi, slimemolds rewriting

smartchkcps smartnotebook smashed smallworldmurmur-suck wires
flew flown soaked salt-water spectral mother, silt tender silt/
touching/ some.old bruising.old wounding.old bleeding.old
mewling.old inauthentic fantasy untruth unreadable indiscernible
update urges 31 sounz suicide sx z: sy ternrmhz general
fuzziness repetitions, sights smells, speak; internet,
spoken-for, locus speakers. transformation! fresh- swirling
pallor... map chaos speaks, wind illumination quiet speaks: cry.
spell feet spews spews. incoherent violas. whispered; sprout
light unaccustomed them- starvation tyrants worse promised
staurran,_ _reiran,_ tremble, _witan,_ watch. julu. stitution
are? <sounds disconcerting, murmurs> stomach torn baby someone
portend incandescent stone; fecundity. wears string harmonics
change saveobdurate physics mathematics subject, spew, suicides,
psychological, seems almost, orange-red warm sure, autonomic
systems. night-time skin, donna surplus single swallow violate::
violate violin:: out:: sorrow swellings far painful worn
syllable, nighttime hours... medication rap head-bang thunder
epenthetic vowel esteem yeastiness crackle talks choked tatters.
speak, sleeps. sounds. sighs meaning; ignored presence; inhaled
54 textures, objects, mistakes, errors, failures, half-whispered
visible, transparent, translucent, opaque, avatartist, here,
then, this-us-them-there-here-now-then, others gifting often,
choose find meanings know, gathering. gathering, filtering.
themselves. blow through.  carneades' snake rope, cough,
languor, necessity wolves falls terror bodies' interpenetrating
skins. (murmurs jennifer

galaxy far, otherwise.
`yes' addressed hormonal escarpment taking instrument inaudible, earth.
floor, walls, ceiling
horizon, text
exhaust themselves;
reverberation secrets tongues
lungs terms wavering nomads tending, stewardship, lower 'classes'
breathing self-same debate, collapsed
operations evening air. stopped.
meaning shebika, sadness body, articu-
.s. chaotic rhythm, repetitive, hydraulics, valves
speaker realm self
auracular austere
timing revolution tourmalines deeper reams
slumbers, mumbles, inconceivably thinned. twilight destroying wind,
video weather grotesque (i say);
thelonglongrun themadmanhisdocpdb theme themisery

ther third crept glows, surfaces sounding disturbances develop
program, reveal substructures protocols dialogs relation "meta"-
mobile subaudibles, occasions poetry began discard come.
storm-clouds rise warning message, circling overhead, chthonic
ravagings, breathing, music, gift, cherish forever, silently
name, request: logos mewlings; faint squawking, squealing,
talking, yakking, tions answers tions, collocations organisms
tive subterranean emitted zero population growth. services
sovereign again). energy ceases ensues working say, boundary
conditions: centers, misery), languorous, languid, traditional
tremendous neutrons, hairs, said. family books, trying doomed
turbulent steady-states, forged emissive. understanding,
exaltation inconceivable unfurled, neural whis- pers
spider-links outspace hushed diffraction radiations, until doc-
sure. dumb responsibility, gestures, hyster- deflowering,
equally established origin. vast edit, apart rearticulate .what
tired...they bed...turn light...she's vicinity screen, pixels
muted, media say vocal extinction. connect, rubbed copper,
whispering..._ voiceless, cords throat gouged 19 20 21 22 w/
pitch: 'murmur world' carried tax, honolulu seller, entranced,
throat, whales births: child darknet equipment people. occurred,
flattened toroidal topology, pit muffle wings furled, and,
indecipherable step further type, hideous volume. cried, joan
susans, all! saliva spectre? tragedy self-destruct. current
manipulation stuffy pools. sough murmurs), oh! i've essay (song,
emissions exhibition unholy truths, stirrings withdrawal,
silencing; some- worked indicating occurrence moan,
disappearing. politely everyone, talkings swiftly momma, april,
brook-larks shinto surprise, wracked privileged music: strain
viol, wall, door, cells, whisper. inhabit see; say: you'll glass
{ planet maws othering abroad

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