[NetBehaviour] Comedown Cosmology

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Aug 15 03:49:27 CEST 2017

Comedown Cosmology


tags cosmological avatar renderings of difficult but unknown
spatialities / cosmology / virtual reality / vr / spirituality /
exhausted occidental mythologies / worn-out detrimental isms /
safe no-safe placements / no-safe safe placements / come down /
comedown / come up / comeuppance / come in / coma come in /
particle physics of the spectacle / specular spectacle

https://youtu.be/wg8tSbH14AU (poor YouTube rendering)

Non-existent recognitions. i come down the aisle, running hither
about death all the time. Is there a God? Why doesn't She come
down and Z., come down from the mountain, I say. It's cold up
there and you can't god will come down and sit in the audience,
i'll have god in the palm of I'll never come down seen me in
years. Four strangers come down the street and pass me. There I
come down the aisle, on the perfect floor, flood and god will
come down and sit in the audience, i'll have god in the palm of
So he said to Cynthia that she should come down to the boat too
and they come down the Chimney and Eat her up, collapse,
snow-come down, snow-communicate, snow-confer, snow-crash, the
rich and the poor, who would believe that this would come down
to "I said you must answer me Nikuko because I have come down on
ground to speak about death all the time." is there a god? why
doesn't she come down and inconceivable disasters - while cats
and dogs come down like drops of rain, until you come around,
until you come down into it our own is yours, your own is ours,
oh so many words, so much murmuring, would Julu love, your mad
makeup, your thing, Ah... I come down the aisle, feelings Are
girls, flowers love, things, discussions are girls, makeup.
Cynthia came down to the boat too.

tags /than the avesta. my denouement is my comeuppance and my
sex is lost operating _system._

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