[NetBehaviour] Round Robin and the Inordinate

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Wed Aug 16 01:17:07 CEST 2017

Round Robin and the Inordinate

Round Robin Signatures, Petition for 10-hour Day in Pawtucket, RI


The Inordinate

the inordinate count of "twone owt eretw rufone ...".

beyond normal limits; "excessive charges"; "a book of inordinate
length," "a row of numbers out of order, or a row of numbers of
unwieldy length or nomenclature."

a disorderly grouping of anything arranged in some sort of
febrile or excessive order.

a bunch somehow in disarray in spite of all appearances to the
contrary. an unlimited inaccessibility of rules. "What sort of
inordinate bunching be these bees?" (Milton) "His veins be all
inordinate." (Burke)

"She wandered in and out of the (in)ordinate." (Dickinson)

"What manner of order is this ordure inordinate?" (Swift)

"In my book," said Alice, "inordinately means really. I'm
inordinately smart!" "Inordinately?" asked the Owl. "You're
inordinately inordinately smart?"

"Wandering. Their inordinate degree of symmetry gave them the
phone number of Joseph of Arimathea." (Sondheim)

"The inordinate numbers are cardinals, not Owls," said Alice.
"They remain unruly to this day." "First," replied the Owl.

"'a row of numbers' in the sense of 'an argument of numbers,'
for example, 'the numbers at odds had a row,' (as if there were
any others)." (Badiou)

"'In Ordinate' as such with capitalization, may refer town in
Oregon with a similar, but not identical, name." (Webster's)

"The inordinate difficulty of physical and psychological
survival in these brutal and violent times." "The inordinate
uselessness of God."

8c8, "inordinate or unwieldy or unweildy"
< unwieldy length or nomenclature."
> unweildy length or nomenclature."

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