[NetBehaviour] Wading through Gospel of Thomas with Colorado fracking

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Wading through Gospel of Thomas with Colorado fracking


Thomas 10

Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm
guarding it until it blazes."

Thomas 77

Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all:
from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of
wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.

Thomas 91

They said to him, "Tell us who you are so that we may believe in
you." He said to them, "You examine [Coptic: _piraze_] the face
of heaven and earth, but you have not come to know the one who
is in your presence, and you do not know how to examine [Coptic:
_piraze_] the present moment."

Coptic version, translation by Richard Valantasis

>From Canatasis' commentary on 91:

Revelation exists in order precisely to lead one, not to faith,
but to understanding; not to assurance, but to questions. The
identity of Jesus works more as a locus of questioning than as a
firm foundation for belief."

- From Richard Valantasis, The Gospel of Thomas, Routledge, 1997

{\pwi d d T a h o m a P / =

                                                          S S @ $
8 = 6 r h 0 p = r % ' A 8 $ + - .  thomas 10 91 77 - glass glory
gloss B - $
    A 6 = D 2 10 guarding it itself under until it itself black
blazing -- B 2 2

  A % r y 77 special splendid split a picture a piece of often
worked wooden wood anyone - and I among you - I am there - B 0
    A 0 " h o / 91 you don't knowledge know however how to toward
experience - example - examine the present moment - B / *

    A $ p w Quoted - the identity of jesus works more as a locus
of questining than as a firm foundation for belief. P 172.  B -
    A B A = < B < A % % r y & Among raised range random
parallel parables - toward to instant instinct instigate
whatever comments - B & % ;

    A ' ( B (

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