[NetBehaviour] arts blockchain and DAOWO

ruth catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
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On 30/11/17 02:23, Patrick Lichty wrote:
> So, in conversation with Ruth, I have been researching zero-emissions 
> solar mining, and where I am having a moment of dissonance is the 
> current logatithmic curve of Bitcoin with computation. I am wondering 
> if there is a corresponding energy curve with this valuation spike.
Oh, that's an interesting question.
I would imagine that the value of Bitcoin (against fiat currencies), 
like any commodity, would go up when people buy it and then don't spend 
it or trade it. In which case a rise in value might signify a rise in 
purchasing transactions - but not necessarily a rise in overall 

I can't see how ledger propagation would have any effect on this.


> Secondly, I have noticed that the valuation curve has rece3ntly gotten 
> really weird. Serious momentary downward spikes. I’m not curious about 
> this economically, I’m more interested technically. What happens with 
> this?  I was wondering if ledger propagation preventing serious spikes 
> like this.
> Hmmmm….
> Also, Because Cryptokitties,
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> Hello Rob
>     On 25/11/17 05:21 AM, ruth catlow wrote:
>         - Environmental and energy costs – more on this soon but I
>         have been looking at Faircoin – proof of cooperation and I
>         wonder if the clear-as-daylight, explicit mapping of
>         environmental harm onto crypto-currency trading could provide
>         the impetus for a global move to 100% renewables and zero
>         carbon emissions.
>     Decred's experiments in governance (and energy efficiency...) are
>     more reflexive and to my mind sounder than Faircoin's for reasons
>     I discuss indirectly in "Blockchain Poetics" -
>     https://www.decred.org/
> Please could you spell it out!?
> :)R
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