[NetBehaviour] Z. the investment of Z. the murder of Z. the corruption of Z.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Dec 3 19:01:50 CET 2017

Z. the investment of Z. the murder of Z. the corruption of Z.


*/ St. Bride, Church of Journalists/Media in London, a necessary
visit for anyone who cares about the performative aspects of
writing. And a place to meditate against the noise of 'fake news,'
phone addiction, etc. - /*

This absolutely came down here and stayed the night with that
yes sounds very cool budget in communication and taking care of
the little things with all the little nose it was not easy to
start I'll be the first to admit I was a person that was going
by for my nieces and nephews we don't have children we started
so that's who I spend my money on it was quickly found out very
quickly then go shopping sprees needed to be slow down a little
bit more especially pushed it but nothing expensive Z if you
want any Z are we best friend new unit in the bank for financing
just got here Z felt just patient with some people because no
matter what you say that will always be a better answer you
don't she truly difficult to be at the service people because
there so many times Publix whatever it is that bad if you are
there to serve it the funny thing about it is when we are on the
opposite side of the table we always killing people are treated
badly I'm leaving today speaker caring for another especially
the stranger my parents I'm in wandered into the church I'm and
that I had dealings with before do you have a family would you
like to help make 10 minutes no one else has anything like it
and are people in Phoenix for my absence go to america's number
I'm eating very well my fault Z do you know this property niro
movie I think the best movie direct are rancherito American
sniper OK David Fincher yeah yeah yeah dragon Lord of the rings
fan belt just you know you only had to share the King Z it is
very visually imaginary rechterfeld you have to give him credit
cancel username did you know that Steven Soderbergh John
Carpenter Texas chainsaw massacre Doctor Strange movie another
wow I like that christmas music Love my grandchildren no problem
seriously other issues going on there Mr. deeper than just put
your kids get too much stuff founders will talk more about just
being you get this point I'm here you're not's mother has issues
I have some kind of felt just ZZI can't hear a conversation? Z
sister you can also watch free mobile app or we are everywhere
no matter your age you wanna be able to retire sooner rather
than later but here's the thing to remember magic bullet to
become wealthy it's a matter of setting yourself working to make
progress over the long haul it's a miracle gage the entire way
it's the same with your investing strategy you need to know how
you were doing so you can make adjustments to your portfolio and
stay on track jte New York Times reports meeting at times
reporter says females acquire the paper close contact with we
playing in the truck transition team actually transition
officials and they think was going to make this called the
Russian bastard what happened to call after work and then and
how to improve relations with Russia news correspondent Brian
Ross getting a sudden 4 week vacation over with the network
calls me serious error on the Friday report about Michael Z.
Trump directed to Linda make contact with Russians later after
the election national security advisor stop threat to the United
States right now media threat to the United States this is
closed by the road rozema North Korea and his continued efforts
to develop a long range nuclear capability the Reagan national
defense for the Reagan library in Southern California he says
every time believe they found the body of a 3 year old girls
been missing in coastal North Carolina Mariah Woods went missing
a week ago her mother's boyfriend faces charges smoking
marijuana in the past sign up but only with the understanding of
their pot smoking days are indeed in the past last year the army
issued more than 500 Z OK I'm sweating.


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