[NetBehaviour] . . . Study this God.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Dec 26 00:23:39 CET 2017

. . . Study this God.


. . . Are you studying in order to learn something. I wish you
were shaking in fear. I was shaking so hard I could not believe
but I was going to comply with his request. Why are you making a
vain attempt to warn them. They become more in danger. It rains
too hard to go out. Should he persisted in his design, she
thought he was gone.

. . . I know I have to speak now. We always carry money on us
when we were calling out to you with all our might, you are
running to hide yourself behind the boards. God why did you have
to hide yourself. When you approach the dogs would bark or growl
at him. Your dramas were plotted with rapture. Where are formed
of your Princess is. Where is your Princess.

. . . You rose to us about that affair God, but it was too late.
You sound your horse quickly. Then they went into an alley. In
the alley we don't know what happened. But it got buried the
money according to your orders. Well dig it out now. Dear God I
will call at your house tomorrow. Whether or not you care. I
will let you know what it's like to digest with your betters.
You accompany him back to our house by and by. No matter what
should happen to him. I will give you everything if you pay for
it. Dear God will give you everything if you pay for it. I will
spare the branch but for my own ruin. You got our misery. You
got our mimickry. You God or mimickry. Dear God look at the hour
you must go away. You may have nothing to do with us. We have
nothing to do with you.

. . . You will accompany God back to his house by and by. For
fear any God should be tried. She should not be tried. You
shouldn't bear false witness against God the neighbor. As soon
as we see God he will reproach us with her imprudence. We will
give it to God if God will pay for it. Let me be quiet I must
study do you understand Maine. Do you understand Missouri.

. . . Let her consider at least that I can't behave the way she
does. Let her be turned out from doors without any more ado. Let
us get rid of God. Take the glass and give him something to
drink. Make haste do. T get on. Did you figure the slave would
ever say enough of heavy chains. It wouldn't be surprising if
you want. God succeeded in this period. He ordered the attack to
start on the left. Where disagreed with God. To get on. We were
forsaken by false gods one after the other. All weighed one way
or another with false cards. This gentleman and gentlewoman
nearly believed in God in earnest.

. . . Should we have waited until the escutcheons were dragged in
the kennels.

. . . We are going to leave you now. You should know there's a
secret before I leave this country. We won't tell you what the
secret is, God. Would to God I had begun text earlier. You acted
unfairly and I will tell you to your face God you acted unfairly
and I will tell you to your face God, waiting for your age. I
should be even now plunged in misery. Cutting edge. I would be
in Missouri, cutting hedges.

. . . I have killed myself had I not been restrained by the
remembrance of God. Have I not been restrained by the memory of
God. No God can sing. I have hard that song sung. I have heard
that song sung.

. . . A man should always be afraid and fly. A woman should
never be afraid and fly. He said she answered instantly. God
never answered anything. You want God,  have never sang a song.
You're gonna have never sung a song. I think I would have heard
that song sung. I want profit by your error. It's my turn to
speak God. I can't speak to you more harshly unless I should
pick a quarrel with you. Nevertheless I didn't doubt but you
would consent to it. Once I was basking in the sun like you.

. . . I was basking in the sun like you.

. . . I could not refrain from atoning for your sins. When you
went out in the evening how far did God accompany you. We're not
to walk. The door shut at 6:30. Where the doors are atoning for
your sins.

. . . Don't cry my child, be quiet.

. . .

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