[NetBehaviour] sarangi, siva

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Dec 27 07:11:12 CET 2017

sarangi, siva

http://www.alansondheim.org/siva.mp3 (90-year-old sarangi)

Are you going to come and listen to this sarangi concert. Yes
Sir. I saw the pleasure to go with you for I am going there
myself and I will be very happy if you are part of my company
that we are going together to hear the sarangi concert. It's
impossible to travel alone is it not. In company, time doesn't
pass at all. Oh this carriage is very narrow. Is this the wrong
guy, a problem for you. Not in the least I'm perfectly at ease
but to be honest I am really worried. Let us place our legs
between each other's. Give me leave to put this foot a little
bit more forward. There now, that will do. 0h0h0h0h0h0h0h. You
don't bother me at all. Sit up at your ease. Now I will play
this sarangi for you. Do you like my sarangi playing. It would
give me great pleasure to play the sarangi for you. Where shall
we sleep tonight. Show you playing with the wrong guy while you
sleep tonight. Show your playing with the sarangi while you
sleep tonight. Your company is certainly very agreeable but I
confess I wish I wish I was listening to the sarangi somewhere
else. Ah. We are arrived at last. let us step down. Goodbye
Sarah, I certainly will never see you again. Goodbye, Sir, I
assure you I possess exactly the same comforture and emotion as
you so, forth with. May I help you with your baggage, Sir. Oh
Sir, may I help you with your emotional baggage. Oh Madam, you
do jest. Oh Sir, please do play the sarangi for me. How I love
the way you strum.

. . .

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