[NetBehaviour] mourning raga on electric saz

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Feb 1 01:57:18 CET 2017

mourning raga on electric saz


i mourn the demise of america
mourn the rise of amerikkka
mourn the existence of drumpf
mourn his every living breath
mourn his skin and spit
mourn his sightless eyes and deafened ears
mourn his broken voice
i mourn the demise of america
and welcome the rise of music to bury his brutality
to deafen his ears with screams
to blind his eyes with the unutterable darkness
   he disseminates among him
to cauterize his shredded skin and noxious spit
to empty the air around him
to await nonexistence without essence
to await anything without him
i give him no power over this mourning raga
hope for an infinite misery awaiting him
it's the mourning of a new day
it's the mourning of the flash of light at night
the pistol gripped
lightning in sheets in amerikkka
his brutality upon him
his weaponry within him
the raga will be transformed and something comes this way
and no beast will slouch anywhere and no world will whimper
   or bang its way to the authority of the bully
the murderous rampage of its lacerated skin
may its skin be lacerated as it has done to others
may its executive order be an executioner's last song
may it free us of its presence by executive order
its last wish! - listen to sondheim's mourning raga!
nothing mentions the moon! nothing mentions anything!

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