[NetBehaviour] AK/JB

{ brad brace } bbrace at eskimo.com
Wed Feb 1 15:32:59 CET 2017

"I call on fellow artists and citizens to disseminate their
name and image using Joseph Beuys' seminal work of art as a
focus for social change. Our silence makes us complicit with
the politics of exclusion. We will not be silent." I Like
America and America Likes Me was Joseph Beuys' most
celebrated performance work." Anish Kapoor

the continuous cultural bail-outs, conceptual ponzi-schemes,
and insider quid-pro-quo ("critical mobility...") are
finally coming to a joyously redemptive end; the options for
(non-complicit) artists will no longer be reductively
dependent on obstructionist oligarchical art-agencies

to celebrate this event and concurrent devaluations, I've
quickly (without any funding,) designed a FREEE pinback
button appropriated from Federal Currency Seals:
delivered anywhere); provide cash, cheque, or paypal with
delivery address via bbrace at eskimo.com




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