[NetBehaviour] more boundary corrosion-dissolution

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more boundary corrosion-dissolution

http://www.alansondheim.org/kyeezee.mp3 kyeezee
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thanks to Mitchell Clark for the Kyeezee!
thanks to Luke Damrosch for the programs

51. Application of the imperative. Compare these orders:
 	Raise your arm.
 	Imagine . . .
 	Work . . . out in your head
 	Consider . . .
 	Concentrate your attention on .	. .
 	See this figure as a cube
with these:
 	Intend . . .
 	Mean . . . by these words
 	Suspect that this is the case
 	Believe that it is so
 	Be of the firm conviction . . .
 	Remember that this happened
 	Doubt whether it has happened
 	Hope for his return.

Is _this_ the difference, that the first are voluntary, the
second involuntary mental movements? I may rather say that
the verbs of the second group do not stand for actions.
(Compare with this the order: "Laugh heartily at this joke.)
- Wittgenstein, Zettel, trans. Anscombe

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