[NetBehaviour] pulse , subpulse , witness

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 5 04:38:15 CET 2017

pulse , subpulse , witness

(fashion, melodica, viola)

" 259. 'But how can human understanding outstrip reality and
itself _think_ the unverifiable?' -- Why should we not _say_ the
unverifiable? For we ourselves made it unverifiable.

A false _appearance_ is produced/ And how can it be so much as
_look_ like that? For don't you want to say that this _like
that_ is not a description at all? Well, then it isn't a _false_
appearance either, but rather one that robs us of our
orientation. So that we clutch our brows and ask: How can that
be? "

- Wittgenstein, Zettel, trans. Anscombe

Pulse of the world: bootstraps to the slaughterhouse!
Subpulse: bootstraps!

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