[NetBehaviour] theirs>

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 7 23:42:52 CET 2017



our absence is theirs, our murmur is theirs, our presence is
theirs, and our presence is their presence, and what has been
wallpaper all alert, embedded, have theirs, reference taken page
and so theirs, so their frequency. murmur weekend alert, or us,
theirs, foundation presence each however weekend to and anon
then engineering.  thread all tonight been so theirs, have
matched. been have from presence theirs, their study, altered,
theirs, sur, and has saturday. algeria, sumatra, mindanao, and
then so theirs, so and then our night, theirs, and our study,
wallpaper presence; so, wallpaper our however has or ephemeral,
theirs, and wallpaper their strip, theirs, periodic. but,
absence so presence so embedded, is so silence, or close been
and however has strip, theirs, but close engineering. facebook
snapchat theirs, gmail theirs, our slight theirs, reliance
theirs, fabric, or is then pour, absence study, presence sur,
wallpaper and but or theirs, engineering. so our reference sale,
other then taken ever and theirs, and this is also negated: and
in this negation of theirs is theirs; it is always theirs; we
are void and emptied, we are inconceivable; we are theirs; we
are always theirs; our bodies our theirs; our minds are theirs;
we can no longer think; what we think is theirs; what we breathe
is theirs; this ends in theirs;

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