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Apologies for cross-posting.  
 We hope that this call may be of interest and very much welcome
informal chats over email to discuss possible
propositions/provocations. Please see this as a very open call
best wishes to you all

1 SEPTEMBER 2017._  
  Session sponsored by the Digital Geographies Working Group.

	   Museum of Contemporary Commodities: creative propositions and
provocations on the heritages of data-trade place-value

	    How do we open out the messy digital geographies of trade, place
and value to the world? How can we work with the digital beyond beyond
archives, spectacle and techno-dystopian imaginations? How do we do so
in a ways that are performative, collaborative and provocative of the

  This session builds on the planned hosting of the Museum of
Contemporary Commodities [1] (MoCC) in the RGS(IBG)’s Pavilion in
the days leading up to the annual conference (and its partial
installation in the RGS(IBG) building during the conference) where it
will join the V&A, Science and Natural History Museums on London’s
Exhibition Road. Developed as acts of valuing the things we buy today
as the heritage of tomorrow, MoCC’s artworks take the form of
dynamic, collaborative hacks and prototypes; socio-material processes,
objects and events that aim to enrol publics in trade justice debates
in light footed, life-affirming, surprising and contagious ways as
part of their daily routines.  
  We invite prospective participants to offer propositions and
provocations that stitch into or unpick the complex and sometime
knotty patchwork quilt of data-trade-place-value. This is an
invitation to contribute to and convene conversations that enliven
geographical understandings of the governance, performance, placings
and values/valuing of contemporary (digitally) mediated material
culture. The resulting session is not conceived as a
‘conventional’ paper session. We invite submissions of ten-minute
contributions that might take various forms, which might include
essay, performance, video and many other creative responses to the
  This invitation should be understood in its broadest sense. We are
interested in the commingling and mash-up of the theme(s)
data-trade-place-value. We very much encourage submissions that push
back against the normative authorities or discourses surrounding
‘the digital’ (however that might be conceived). So, we hope that
all involved in the session will thereby be challenged and inspired by
creative propositions and provocations that begin to get to the heart
of how we open out the messy digital geographies of trade, place and
value to the world.  
Themes could include:  
  * lively methods that work with and through participatory media  *
intimacy, humour, trust and the internet of things  * mashups,
subversions and hacks of big data from the bottom up  * discourses and
practices of future orientation and the spatial imaginations of ‘the
digital’  * an intersectional internet and the rise of
‘platforms’  * alternative trade models, value systems and
networked culture  * DIWO (Do It With Others), scholar-activism &
public pedagogy  * the economic geographies of the battle for
  Please submit 250 word abstracts to us by email
by 10 FEBRUARY and we will get back to you by 13 February.   
  Please get in touch beforehand if you have any questions.  
  Thanks and best wishes  
  Ian Cook (i.j.cook at exeter.ac.uk [2]),   Paula Crutchlow
(pc343 at exeter.ac.uk [3]) and  Sam Kinsley (s.kinsley at exeter.ac.uk

[1] http://www.moccguide.net/
[2] mailto:i.j.cook at exeter.ac.uk
[3] mailto:pc343 at exeter.ac.uk
[4] mailto:skinsley at exeter.ac.uk

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