[NetBehaviour] Digital and Universal Imminence

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Feb 9 06:25:40 CET 2017

Digital and Universal Imminence


Digital immediacy now; no lag control surfaces, keys, pulses,
breaths, speech acts; every digital act is a priori performa-
tive; every digital act is lag-less; every lag is imminent.
Every breath you take, every sound you make, every sight you
see; I am there with you, im-mediated, present before the fact,
at the lip of reverse reverberation. This is the character of
the digital - its presence as _world-surface,_ as continuous
(fold) catastrophe, the choice pre-formed, always already
_there;_ in fact the digital is an articulated structure defined
by the _always already_ below, the corporate above, and
intermediary (inter-me-diary) surfaces - rastered, powered,
protocoled - between. Listen to something whose physical
definition is microscopic and planar; invisible and inert; and
embedded and networked. What we experience in the digital is
afterthought. Listen and you hear me _now._

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