[NetBehaviour] "Play cells" by Nicole Cerrone at router gallery Berlin. Curated by Chiara Passa

Chiara Passa chiarapassa at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 13:52:08 CET 2017

Dear friends & colleagues,

I am glad to present “ PLAY CELLS” 2016 by the emergent artist Nicole
Cerrone, at router-gallery Berlin. Curated by Chiara Passa.

 Play Cells is an ongoing series of digital artworks in form of
animations re-elaborating recorded video-games in order to show how
their visual and interface is iconographic in a deep and often
unconscious way. Every cell representing each one a very specific game
genre, has stripped each video-game of narrative and clear graphics;
those things that are commonly considered essential to define its
intrinsic language. The four abstract animations (Play Cells: CC, D,
NMS and TW), highlight how the suggestion of a specific color
combination, movement or visual input is enough to recall a certain
gaming/real experience, since video games are more than a mere
entertainment product, but a complex language not relegated only to
gamers but part of our cultural heritage. Play Cells, it’s not about
linking every cell to the game it originates from or label it to its
genre, but it is the ability to re-experience intuitively through the
bare language that is so strong rooted in mass culture.

Best regards, Chiara Passa

Nicole Cerrone (Rome, 1990) is an emerging artist graduated from the
Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. She is strongly influenced by the Post
Internet aesthetics and thinks that computer is an extension of her
thought. Play Cells is the result of a research project that Nicole
has produced during a semester, in order to discuss her B.A. degree
thesis with Chiara Passa.

Chiara Passa (Rome, 1973) is a visual artist working and combining
different media and technologies in a wide range production. Since
2009 she run a curatorial net-art project well known as The Widget Art

Play Cells will be hosted by the router.gallery in Berlin
http://router.gallery/ from February 22nd to March 21st 2017. Venue is
February 22nd from 8 pm to 10 pm. router.gallery location:
Gerichtsstrasse 23, Hof 5, 13347 Wedding, Berlin. coordinates:
52,5449816, 13,3742252

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