[NetBehaviour] from shows in Philly and PVD

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Feb 25 04:34:01 CET 2017

from shows in Philly and PVD


In Philly, we performed with Isolde Touch and Bad Jazz. We had a
great audience, the music was amazing. The mp3 is edited down
from that evening. In Providence, we performed with Laurie Amat
and Bad Jazz, the music was amazing. The images are from
Providence. We also have a new cd, LIMIT, from Public Eyesore;
it's available. More on that soon. We found that controlling
supercollider in live venues without soundproofing is difficult;
we're still working on it. Enjoy. (Writing's choppy here w/
little sleep, but there's not that much of it to get through.)
And thanks to everyone who participated in these events.

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