[NetBehaviour] exploded body

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 28 04:48:33 CET 2017

exploded body


[?1l >$ ls $ wc um.txt 302 2080 12066 um.txt $ cp um.txt zz $
more jjjj.pl [?1h jjjfasdf &parse_file_into_words("zz", 4000, "
\$i/3 - 5 * sin(\$i * 5)"); >$ perl jjjj.pl > yy $ pico yy [1;1H
UW PICO 5.07 New Buffer [23;1H [24;1H [23;1H you at scrawl, a
there look there city is is at nothing a a nothing there [4;1H a
a city, but nothing is is a scrawl, scrawl, city, thing, thing
city city [5;1H is a is is a thing, is a a a human human."
thing, a is a "you a thing [6;1H thing, are are human a is
witnesses," witnesses," is a human." said, she a [7;1H human are
will said, human." a she be "i are "you "i i will all all be be
[8;1H be witnesses," she i ancient city, said, "i ancient i i "i
city, i will [9;1H will be will dissolve, this be city, ancient
is is ancient will i my not [10;1H community, ancient this this
my will i not of home, dissolve, dissolve, [11;1H home, the this
this is of of is is my homes i of my this [23;1H [18;1H -
premgses "the body" problematgc oj decodgni body" erasure -
decodgni [19;1H problematgc erasure - "the gts "the lassgtude -
absent problematgc body" [20;1H frenzy frenzy body" "the - the
of - body" - - the - erasure of -- noon [21;1H lassgtude
lassgtude noon what - - frenzy -- is sleeping frenzy the she she
[3;1H "gn romugns "to "to romugns - sgmplo: away iet jur romugns
gmpossgble - [4;1H away sgmplo: tee iet breakgni wgth" somethgni
somethgni wgth" down - [5;2H mpossgble "to breakgni a decay "to
away "gn dgssgmglar" breakgni away - [6;1H manner to down wgth"
breakgni to - "gn decay "gn there there a down [7;1H

goodbye) in the voyage voyage -- the reflecting every -- i now
every in i now goodbye) in now know my -- the -- illness illness
... now i in consists i -- my being in now i consists ... being
know now _not within anywhere_ my my ... there ... illness in
me, always within in being is a me, _not ... a ... there
anywhere_ me, ... as is within always if if always me, vacancy
thousand a a is as projectors motion-picture vacancy a a all
projectors ... ... projectors at were as if all once all a
thousand at as going thousand projectors as if at projectors all
a thousand once were once screens screens ... going as
dissolving were as once a ... simultaneously if ... were a ... a
if simultaneously murmur always thousand thousand always
overtaken a were were ... what murmur dissolving ... by i ...
simultaneously a i ... overtaken always ... ... from by murmur
by the the what ... recognize words words i by from others of
recognize i distant i others ... ... others turn ... from the i
my i distant words turn to can words others head them turn
others i them ... my ... my as as head can to sickness,
sickness, to my them worst the hear head as its worst them hear
the defense, for ... ... for my its a a defense, away defense,
sickness, the _presence_ from taking the its from ... my for
taking ... it _presence_ defense, _presence_ is as away taking
from if if from _presence_ it have I me from as the have ... ...
I long left is is the ago the as if long not body if have ...
much long have the so of ago left long a a ... body not hardly
hardly not ago much theatrical anything so ... a even theatrical
much so anything the ... a of ... run even stage, stage, the not
the hardly anything silently, all projectors theatrical ... all
them run ... projectors them have silently, the silently, film
... not projectors all cinema, cinema, all silently, have ...
cinema of all ... the ... have them cinema flooding -- film film
-- of the ... cinema, flooding names, damp, cinema, ... the
soaking, flooding ...

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