[NetBehaviour] SIREN and SCREAMS

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 28 10:53:20 CET 2017



There are codes in the sirens in the night, there are codes in
the answering screams, the screams in the future anterior, the
shuffling of the sirens into silence. Too often, architecture
betrays the indentation of the body; splatter semiotics creates
semiotic shards, codewords emanating into violence, coalesced
into communities of brawn and the tools of brawn. I have heard
witnesses and fear for my life. I fear for the lives of others,
anyone else as such, stigmatized by headgear, insignia, skin and
its others histories. Others ourselves, denounced as things, as
perturbable things whose tongues, still speaking, devolve into
noise, cut out at the root, expelled. The worst of it is, we are
become never among ourselves, always rusted, our bones and books
scattered. This is happening and will happen. This is concrete,
this is not assimilated, cauterized, sutured. The scab is always
removed for the proof of alien skin beneath. Do not mistake the
trajectory or the time we inhabit, we are soon gone from it.
There are others who hurry us along the way. Some of us fall.
Some of us are trampled, kicked in the head, what passes now for
military justice. Justice is not law, law is not justice, not
now, not otherwise. The mouth is wedged open, teeth broken. That
tongue, our tongue, our native, gone. There are sirens and
screams. There are others sitting down for dinner. The oven is
warm, the house well-heated. The comfort is in the plants on the
sill of the window.

"in are of sill There the codes the the codes in in window.
window. the night, the There the there sirens There in there
codes in codes sirens codes in the the the the answering night,
sirens there screams, screams, there the in screams the are
there answering the screams codes codes the anterior, in the the
the the the answering screams, anterior, of future screams,
screams shuffling sirens anterior, screams the the into the in
anterior, silence. silence. shuffling future of often, often, of
the sirens betrays architecture the shuffling silence.
indentation betrays sirens the architecture of the silence. into
the body; indentation Too Too of semiotics of often,
architecture splatter creates the betrays the creates shards,
body; the the shards, codewords splatter of splatter emanating
into semiotics the creates violence, violence, creates splatter
codewords into coalesced semiotic creates into of into codewords
shards, coalesced and communities emanating emanating
communities the of into violence, and of brawn violence, into
tools I and into of brawn. have the communities and have
witnesses tools brawn tools and and of the I for fear brawn.
tools heard my for have brawn. and I my heard have my for life.
witnesses witnesses I lives I and fear for of fear for my of
anyone the my I anyone else lives I the as such, of fear of
stigmatized stigmatized others, the anyone headgear, by anyone
of such, skin headgear, else anyone by its skin as else
insignia, others and such, such, its Others its stigmatized
headgear, histories. denounced others headgear, skin ourselves,
as histories. insignia, its as as Others and histories. as
perturbable ourselves, others denounced things things denounced
histories. things, tongues, whose as ourselves, perturbable
speaking, still things, as whose into speaking, as as speaking,
cut devolve perturbable things into out into whose tongues, cut
the noise, tongues, speaking, the root, cut speaking, into
expelled. The out devolve out worst worst at noise, the it of
the out expelled. we is, root, at of become we expelled. root,
is, never are The The are ourselves, become of of among rusted,
never it we always our among is, become our and ourselves, are
among and books always never always scattered. scattered.
rusted, among bones is is our always books and happening bones
our This happen. and and and and is will books scattered.
happen. concrete, happen. This is is is This is and this
assimilated, is and happen. assimilated, cauterized, concrete,
will concrete, sutured. sutured. this This is scab scab is
concrete, assimilated, always is not this sutured. for always
assimilated, not is the removed cauterized, cauterized, removed
of for The The the skin the scab is alien beneath. proof is for
beneath. not of removed proof not mistake alien the alien the
trajectory skin proof beneath. or or beneath. alien mistake time
the Do beneath. trajectory inhabit, time not not the are we the
the inhabit, soon inhabit, trajectory or are from we or time
gone There are time inhabit, it. are soon we are others others
gone we from hurry hurry from soon There along us it. gone
others way. along There it. us Some the others are the us way.
who who Some Some Some hurry us fall. of of along the of are us
the of are trampled, fall. Some fall. kicked in Some of of the
the of fall. trampled, what head, us of in now what trampled,
are head, military passes kicked kicked passes justice. now in
the military is for the what Justice law, military what now not
law justice. passes military law not Justice for Justice
justice, justice, is justice. law, now, not not Justice is not
now, law not justice, The not is law not is otherwise. not not
The open, The justice, not is teeth mouth now, not teeth That
wedged not The That tongue, open, The wedged our tongue, teeth
mouth teeth our our broken. wedged That gone. native, That teeth
tongue, are gone. tongue, That native, and are our tongue, There
screams. sirens tongue, tongue, and are and our gone. There
sitting screams. gone. are others down There There and down
dinner. are sirens There dinner. The others screams. sitting
oven oven sitting There for warm, is down others The house the
for down is The house dinner. dinner. house is well-heated. The
oven The in The is warm, is plants comfort warm, house plants on
is house The the sill in well-heated. in of of the comfort
plants window. the plants in the on the the the on sill sill the
the window."

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