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Chiara Passa chiarapassa at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 20:10:08 CET 2017

Dear friends & colleagues,

hope this email finds you well.
I am glad to invite you at #exstrange (http://exstrange.com/) eBay auction
on February 28 at 8 pm (UTC+01:00). My auction will lasts until March 7

My eBay auction:
Artists' archive: http://exstrange.com/auction-archive/?listby=artist

I am selling “Postcards from beyond, from elsewhere" 2015; a series of
eleven widgets (1st edition of 3) for osx dashboard on Mac (work from Snow
Leopard to Sierra).

What is:
“Postcards from beyond, from elsewhere” is a software-artwork I made on
2015-ongoing; it is constituted by a series of eleven interactive widgets
ready to be installed into the dashboard on Mac.
The widgets unfold in a very liminal space/place: between the network and
the computer - between the Internet and the post-Internet. So, the Widgets
are the conjunction between the medium and the message. “Postcards from
beyond, from elsewhere” is the metaphor of a new imaginary and interactive
media that would mediate impossible desires between machine and audience.
These sorts of ‘mystic widgets’ are absorbed into an illusory threshold and
generating meta-dimensions.
The user can play (front/back) with the interactive widgets, and in some of
them, by typing into the text fields, so generate crazy dynamic responses.
To install the Widgets just double click one by one and they will install
into the Mac osx-dashboard, from Snow Leopard to Sierra.
I will send to the buyer the Widgets as zip file (5 megabyte), directly via
Artwork certificate:
The software artwork “Postcards from beyond, from elsewhere” constituted by
eleven widgets, is certified by the artist as 1st edition of 3. The
certificate will be sent via email as signed PDF within the artwork itself.

Best regards, Chiara Passa
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