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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jan 16 17:19:00 CET 2017

Brilliant and congratulations! Please post images etc. from this -


On Mon, 16 Jan 2017, ruth catlow wrote:

> Hello,
> Michael, Annie, Liz Sterry, Emile and Maxime, and I are featured in this
> exhibition - Stranger Collaborations - as part of London Art Fair this
> week. 
> See info below.
> All the best
> Ruth
> The radical development fostered by net art was the possibility that artists
> who had never met to nonetheless be inspired by, use and remix each other?s
> work. Hosted in the Art Projects Screening Room, ?Stranger Collaborations? is an
> exhibition featuring artworks that in some way wouldn?t have been possible
> without the collaborations formed via the internet, showing how strangers
> can, sometimes even unknowingly, create an artistic partnership online.
> The artworks of Annie Abrahams and Liz Sterry create temporary communities
> that are ?safe spaces? in which socially-proscribed behaviours ? such as public
> anger or private alcohol consumption ? are accepted and even embraced. In
> Abrahams? ?Angry Women? series, people who met via the internet come together to
> both vent their frustrations and explore the power of anger, while Sterry?s
> ?Drinking Alone with the Internet? documents a succession of online performances
> in which the artist put out an open call for internet users to join her in
> dressing and drinking like a Star Wars character, creating a virtual party
> in which everyone is both together and very much alone.
> The practices of Michael Szpakowski and the art duo ?milie Brout & Maxime
> Marion appropriate the creations of others, individuals whose identities
> usually remain anonymous and who probably never expected their works to be
> re-presented as constituents of a work of art. Szpakowski?s ?Shit Happens in
> Vegas? remixes images from Google Street View to stage a vicarious cruise
> through Las Vegas and Brout & Marion?s ?Gold and Glitter? is a shimmering,
> largescale projection comprising several hundred golden animated GIFs
> sourced from the internet.
> As the technology of the internet develops, so do the types of collaboration
> that it enables. Ruth Catlow?s Time Is Speeding Up is an online video created
> in real time with the participation of visitors to the Screening Room, which
> is then authenticated using the anonymous, distributed network of the
> blockchain.
> Curated by Pryle Behrman, ?Stranger Collaborations? runs throughout London Art
> Fair in the Art Projects Screening Room on Gallery Level 1.
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