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Superdiversity: Picturing Finsbury Park

Opening Event: Saturday 18 February 2017, 3-5pm (register)
Open 11am - 5pm, Sat 18 & Sun 19 Feb, Thu 23 to Sun 26 Feb 2017, or by

“My roots are here, I’m very proud to be where I am, I’m happy to be where
I am…I have very good memories and bad I guess, I felt like one of the key
things for my children is to make sure they fit in, it’s so important to
fit in and feel part of something and I think that was my struggle…” -
Finsbury Park worker and ex-resident

Furtherfield presents Superdiversity: Picturing Finsbury Park, an
exhibition collaboration between researcher and artist Katherine Stansfeld
and local people and communities in London’s Finsbury Park. The exhibition
maps a multiplicity of meaning and experience of Finsbury Park in an
exploration of what place and difference mean in today’s global London.
Support gratefully acknowledged from Ordnance Survey, the Economic and
Social Research Council, and the Royal Holloway Centre for the

Superdiversity: Picturing Finsbury Park questions what the area means for
different people. It is an exploration of what place and difference mean in
the context of a neighbourhood in today’s London, a global city. It
attempts to re-socialise ‘the map’ through a social research practice.

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