[NetBehaviour] a recording of Alan Sondheim talk

aharon misnom at spell.blue
Thu Jul 6 12:10:15 CEST 2017

Dear everyone,

Hope this finds you all well!

Yesterday (05/06.17) at Furtherfield commons there was a conversation focused on some of Alan Sondeheim's work. Perhaps an informal talk is a better description.

At any rate, since some of the people here have managed to miss the live version, here's a recorded version, for your pleasure at your leisure:

* This comes from yours truly as a "my phone" was used to record.

* If anyone has a chance, please DO pop in to furtherfield and feast with the children of Prometheus exhibition. 
Thanks for everyone involved! (Hope to inflict a slightly more detailed reflection later on..)

Have much fun and all the bests!

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