[NetBehaviour] from London nowafire

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jul 8 00:23:37 CEST 2017

from London nowafire


from the happy portico of the Tate Modern
who would have known from where the black and oily smoke came
from or originated from the site of such as roadsweeper, what
had appeared as a bright flame around the bone of truck and
pave? for this city as been good to me and now i drink my drink
called energy but not dark red black or white weather. let us
Take the Modern back and churn its running.

from there the period held its permanent stoppage, 480,000+
years ago when London first had its occupants, for long before
there were us, there was that.

all this from a distance, fire, riot, protest, i've been closer
and less absurd, for example, beneath a tornado, or just dashing
about avoiding conflict, what stories. but this - the closeup
images of the sweeper, it got caught and swept up itself,
orange flames, no one seemed to harm.

A road sweeper burst into flames in front of shocked bystanders
in the City of London.

The vehicle caught fire near to St Pauls and Bank stations
during the lunchtime rush and police could be seen clearing the
road of pedestrians as it continued to burn.

Photos taken from around the capital show a plume of black smoke
billowing from central London.

- Evening Standard

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