[NetBehaviour] Playdamage Without Flash

Curt Cloninger curt at lab404.com
Tue Jul 11 13:34:27 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I took some time to revamp http://playdamage.org and got rid of all the Flash elements.

I was mostly using Flash for audio, because it loops audio seamlessly, and that is an important aspect of the site.

Now I am using a howl .js trick because regular embedded html5 audio still leaves a non-seamless gap in the loop.

Even with the howl .js trick, Safari still leaves a bit of a gap, but anyone using Safari is probably used to dealing with all sorts of problems in their life anyway.

It won’t play any of the audio on a phone, because that’s the way phone browsers work. But it will play all of the visuals on a phone.

All of the audio wound up changing a bit in translation. Some audio got higher res and some got lower res. Going backwards toward the early pages of the site, at that time (early 2000s) I wasn’t saving my source audio files, so for this de-flashification process of those pages, I wound up having to extract the already heavily compressed mp3s files from swf embeds and then recompress them as ogg and mp3s files, which actually made them sound cooler (to me).


I translated Flash visuals to other non-flash visual solutions on the following pages:
And in every case, the new visuals look better than the old flash visuals (but they are not as thin).

I shortened the audio loop on:
(It used to be the whole song, but that was just too much skynyrd.)
And I lengthened the audio loop on:
(because who can’t get enough of hipster harp music?)

Here are some HIDDEN PAGES I skipped over but left in their original format and location because they didn’t really translate:
http://playdamage.org/40.html (a .dcr page, no less!)
(those last two pages are part of this larger project here: 
http://www.playdamage.org/grace/ )

I doubled the text on these two pages, because monitors are larger than they used to be:

And I made this code stranger:


Hobbyists must be their own archivists, until you reach the critical point where your archive is so large that you spend all your time maintaining it and no time adding to it. But evidently I’m not there yet.


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