[NetBehaviour] a ZQZ auction at Decurators gallery

aharon misnom at spell.blue
Fri Jun 2 12:57:43 CEST 2017


Hope this finds you well!

Tonight, brasilia time, we'll have the 1st run of a new practice, the ZQZ auction. 
( https://pt-br.facebook.com/decurators/ )

In a ZQZ auction, objects are exchanged for critique rather than money or any other numerical exchange value.

The exchange in a ZQZ auction is from quality and of quality by vote.

Perhaps the vote - eg vote count - should be qestioned and evolve into somethong else? (Since vote has counting?) 

In this ZQZ auction, all the stuff that was used during the making of ZQZ if language practice during the skateboarding period between brasilia and rio - is up for someone's take.

The objects list is on:

A few of my personal highlights from the objects on auction:
My phone.
A found reflective strip.
The image of my skateboard.
The holes in my leggings.

A ZQZ auction includes:
The ability to make your own object.
The qestion of how an object?
An ability to evolve the acution process.

A longer blurb is on:

Have much fun and many ciaos from a warm morning!



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