[NetBehaviour] Feeling superstitious?

aharon misnom at spell.blue
Sat Jun 10 12:14:21 CEST 2017


Feeling slightly superstitious? X postings - good or bad? Neither?

What is your superstition? And even if you don't believe in it - does it work?

How will downloading and having the only copy someone's bad or good luck affect a person?

How might deleting superstitions from a database - downloading its content one at a time - alter a
person's imagination, wonder and sensations from good/bad luck?

For the next two months, the Fuga Project in the Atelier of Valeria Pena Costa, Brasilia, will
house a popup local internet (a Piratebox.cc hack, visible only in the gallery) in a miniature
alter - will offer visitors the chance to download good/bad lucks. 
Each visitor can download one superstition, after which it will be deleted permanently from the
Yes, it can be a "gone database" after a while..

We do not know if this elimination itself will result in good or bad luck.

What do you think??

The superstitions were collected from people in two central bus stations and from two art gallery
openings in Brasilia in late March, early April 2017.

Who is behind this work?

Phil Jones and Aharon of http://searchnarcissus.net

Cheers and have fun!

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