[NetBehaviour] Changing Terrains and Architectures in a Virtual World

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jun 11 20:43:29 CEST 2017

Changing Terrains and Architectures in a Virtual World


Abstract - It's possible to change sims in mid-stream in a
virtual world; in other words, the avatar isn't teleported, but
the visible land itself alters at the level of the program. The
result is a tool for investigating edgespace and glitch
phenomena. The different sim files are oddly 'mixed.'

The following were created with a localhost opensim; the inven-
tory files remain the same but the environment - built and
landscape transforms. Keeping the terminal window open allowed
me to load - while the browser remained open - different .oar
files - ("Oar file type is an OpenSimulator archive file format
in which scene objects, settings and terrains of a given region
are stored." - one after the other, each modifying or replacing
the other. The result is glitch/anomalies in the edgespace of
the sim (and the sim itself is transformed). Think of this as
hallucinations of consensual realities. The video was recorded
with Fraps. The sims are from the MacGrid; three of them are
mine, two others unoccupied. The .oar were downloaded by Daven
Bigelow. The browser is Singularity. The console command is load
oar New.oar - it's simple enough. The localhost Opensim runs on
a Lenovo X1 Carbon, Windows 10 Creator.

The possibilities and critical interests here are fascinating;
we generally take the world we're in for granted, but this gives
us the possibility of considering, phenomenologically, divergent
multiverses fundamentally out of our control, reworking presence
and histories. I'd love to see experimentation with VR in this
regard as well.

I hope I have this straight in "this" reality; if not, I can at
least be assured that something has split, and it's pretty much
ok in another. Isn't it?

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