[NetBehaviour] an intimate device, mate?

aharon misnom at spell.blue
Mon Jun 12 17:19:54 CEST 2017


Many operating systems, devices and years ago, circa 2005-2007ish, (perhaps slightly later) when i was on
symbian and some nokia version number - 
I used a programm (pre app days) that allowed people to visit the phone and do as they pleasure pleased with it.

A few weeks ago, somehow my memory went back to that time during a seemingly idle chat.

The reaction caught me surprised.

The term intimate was used, and BoomBoom - the practice came back to be possibly interesting again.
From leaving the "stage" idea and metaphor in online performance, through to "open", "open house", and stuff like "online skin", borders and boundaries - questions buzz.

Was looking for a similar app for an android, but no joy!

Checked VNC stuff - but its only pc and androids rather than mobile device to another.
Checked screen share and assistants (eg apps that allow a person to log in to your device and fix it) - but these are very limited to either same network or a single and particular person/ip allowed..

Looked into parental spying apps, but these are only for a single device as well..

Am I missing something or it this becoming truly more interesting..?

Cheers and muto obrigados para any tips, hints etc. in any lingua..

Have fun!


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