[NetBehaviour] Reality Speed Transformations

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Reality Speed Transformations


" This perpetual play of mirrors passing from color to gesture
and from cry to movement leads us unceasingly along roads rough
and difficult for the mind, plunges us into that state of
uncertainty and ineffable anguish which is the characteristic of

" These strange games of flying hands, like insects in the green
air of evening, communicate a sort of horrible obsession, an
inexhaustible mental ratiocination, like a mind ceaselessly
taking its bearings in the maze of its unconscious.

" And what this theater makes palpable for us and captures in
concrete signs are much less matters of feeling than of

" And it is by intellectual paths that it introduces us into the
reconquest of the sign of what exists. "

- from Artaud, The Theater and its Double, trans. Richards

" Autochtones, an appellation assumed by some nations, importing
that they sprung or were produced from the very soil which they
still inhabited. The word properly signifies persons who had no
other parents but the earth. The Greeks valued themselves, the
Athenians in particular, on account of their being Autochtones;
and as a badge of their origin wore a golden grasshopper in
their hair, because that insect was supposed to be produced in
the same manner. "

- from The Archaeological Dictionary; or Classical Antiquities
of the Jews, Greeks, and Romans, Alphabetically Arranged;
Containing An Account of their Manners, Customs, Diversions,
Religious Rites, Festivals, Oracles, Laws, Arts, Engines of War,
Weights, Measures, Money, Medals, Computation and Division of
Time, &c. By the Rev. T. Wilson. London: Printed for T. Cadell
in the Strand; J. Wallis, Ludgate-street; and John Binns, and

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