[NetBehaviour] Finsbury Park attack

Patrick Lichty info at voyd.com
Tue Jun 20 06:25:29 CEST 2017

Yes. Much love here to my people in London - I relocated to sunny Chicago
(Not the most peaceful of cities as well).
in the meantime, here is placid Lake Michigan.


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Dear Ruth and Furtherfielders I am very sorry for what is going on, and all
the aggression but the resilience of the train supervisors are Finsbury Park
is contagious and gave me some positivity! 





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On 19 Jun 2017, at 13:54, ruth catlow <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
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Helicopters circling for hours overhead.

This quote by biologist and cybernetics theorist Humberto Maturana rings
true and requires no explanation only imagination.

"Only love expands intelligence. To live in love is to accept the other and
the conditions of his existence as a source of richness, not as opposition,
restriction or limitation"


On 19/06/17 13:48, Alan Sondheim wrote:



How do we cope with this, what can we possibly do? Things continue to get
worse - today -


Virginia Muslim girl found dead near mosque

BBC News     - 1 hour ago

Police in the US state of Virginia have found the remains believed to be of
a 17-year-old Muslim girl who was assaulted near a mosque before


There's also this -


The world's displaced people - in numbers


There are 65.6 million displaced people in the world - more people than live
in the UK. Of these:


   22.5 million are refugees

   40.3 million are displaced in their own country

   2.8 million are seeking asylum


Where do the refugees come from?


   Syria: 5.5 million*

   Afghanistan: 2.5 million

   South Sudan: 1.4 million


Who is hosting the refugees?


   Turkey: 2.9 million

   Pakistan: 1.4 million

   Lebanon: 1 million

   Iran: 979,4000

   Uganda: 940,800

   Ethiopia: 791,600


*Another 6.3 million Syrians are internally displaced


And in the US anti-refugee, anti-anyone who's not white, male, Christian,
healthy, rich, etc. is targeted by the current

administration. There are small beautiful islands like the Gay

Pride events this weekend in Providence, but catastrophe,

fuelled by enclaving, global warming, hatred, seems to be on

the rise. We're heartbroken here.


Furtherfield is a beacon of hope and kindness in the midst of

all of this, and thank you everyone for the work you do - and

do online as well, this list is a haven for so many wonderful



Here, we're isolated in many ways, please keep us up to date.


love and condolences, Alan and Azure


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