[NetBehaviour] Finsbury Park attack

aharon misnom at spell.blue
Tue Jun 20 12:30:57 CEST 2017

> What can we do as artists to mediate?  
Yes.. Is this an "issue", a question we have much friction with?
How do we respond to stuff.. Someone twists your heart, and its hard Not to sense and feel a need to undo..
Perhaps the wrong metaphor, but you know what i mean?

Am sitting here cobbling some notes to do with identity and performance, and its hard not to feel a bit like am doing some privileged esoteric indulgence that is the necessity of things has only epistemological link with some sort of slightly distorted realities most people don't freak a hoonk about.

Do you know what i mean?
Why cann't i just go out there and do something that everyone understands and has tangible effects here and now? 

But then, the mind wonders.. I wander into a memory.. Memories of recent encounters with people. People from a different culture, language and walks of life. People with different genders, different beleifs and aspirations.
People that, while not knowing one another, told me something with the same kind of tune:

This thing that you are doing, skatebarding between brasilia and rio - this is exactly what we need here in brazil!!
How come, I asked with great curiosity. 
(It never occurred to me, in all these years of planning, that skateboarding the 040 will have any contemporary political effect/meanings)
The replies I got, were generally to do with one sensation - Freedom!

Isn't it how in part, art operates? A link from the sensation of freedom?

From the current freedom cry in brazil (free of corrupt governance), through to the freedom to live with the "other". Other that has intervals from my own focuses, (eg they might see religion or sexual orientation as life pivots), and intervals from my own sequences. (eg, narratives that are not linked to my own)..
Indeed, isn't art - art as a sensation un bound by any necessity to "artworld", maybe not even artworlds - in part precisely the constant interval that, with one look, one smile, one stroke, one push and a simple child-like wonder, is the opening of such intervals between?

Not saying it defines "art" nor that the artistic sensation has to conform with these questions. Am asking whether these questions feel relevant for people, and perhaps am wrong and there isn't a radicality embeded in art practices? Maybe the sensation of such free radicality is a mirage?

Well.. until am convinced otherwise.. perhaps I should go back to the notes.. ;)

Have much fun and surf!


June 19 2017 12:57 PM, "Randall Packer" <rpacker at zakros.com> wrote:
> So sorry Marc and Ruth to hear the news about the attack near Finsbury Park. It is frightening
> indeed for this violence to come so close to Furtherfield, in brings it all home, not just
> something that happens far away or on the other side of London. I hope you are all well. 
> This seemed to be an anti-Muslim terroristic attack. There is indeed a real war going on. 
> What can we do as artists to mediate?  
> Best, Randall
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> Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] Finsbury Park attack
> Thanks for asking Alan.
> This attack happened last night at Finsbury Park Mosque which is about 100 yards from Furtherfield
> Commons.
> Some people drove a van into a group of late night worshippers as they left the mosque. One of the
> attackers was apprehended and held by the group until the police arrived.
> Last year Park Theatre (local partners of ours) commissioned a playwrite to worked directly with
> the mosque to produce the Hurling Rubble plays about how extremist violence grows. We hosted
> ourSuperdiversity exhibition this spring in which Katherine Stansfeld an artist and cultural
> geographer brought together more than 50 different perspectives of lives lived in the area. This
> area is bold in its expression of difference - its value and its difficulties - we love it.
> We have yet to hear from our local friends. I'm heading up there now - full of sorrow.
> ~
> Ruth
> On 19/06/17 03:44, Alan Sondheim wrote:
>> Please please share any information anyone might have about this, apparently on Seven Sisters Road.
>> This is terrible...
>> Thank you,
>> Alan
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