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Hope perhaps one or two of the notes wi­ll be interesting.

Hilan ( hilanbensusan.net ) and I are going to be doing st­uff at http://web.flu.cas.cz/ppprague2017/ on saturd­ay 24th. 
If anyone here is around Prague­..

On saturday morning we will pair people for going to hotels to try and check in with the other person's identity. ie A and B go. A tries to check into a hotel with B's identity. B is there to assure the hotel people A's activities are fine with them.

This is a twist from the identity donation call of http://1out1in.5p.lt

Identity as an imagination as meta technology?
The perception of identity.
Frictivity with that perception. Hence we x brand are goodguys you may identify with?
Can we have frictions between identity and  character?

The identity conjours a sense. A sense of a human, a sense of a car? A sense .. an object is an identity by operation, a car sit is such so long as they operate like the identity of a sit. Through usage they gain a character which makes each object of same identity - different.
The same is a person as a brit never been to uk and speaks only icelandic.
A car that is made of coffee beans and looks like a teapot and operates as a cloud? Surreal? only surreal?

Say i fancied being a cloud? A cloud? 
The cloud in the sky and the cloud on the internet?
The physicality of a metaphor? (clouds as soft fluffy things that hover and are always kind of "there".)

Focus on clouds that can be "mrak" (a Czech cloud). Can you not act a cloud?
Act like a cloud and being an actual cloud - both performances?
Cloud as a character, cloud as a physical being, cloud as an operational being, cloud as a performance being?
Cloud as an identity, cloud as a performative property, cloud as an exchange being, cloud as a passport requiring being, cloud as a political being, cloud as a temporal being?

Clouds temporarily as characters and as identities?

Lets imagine identities are imagined?

cheers and check full text bellow..


* how identity is imagined?

How words are being imagines? the identity of words via spelling "correctly"?
Take a wander and take a wonder,
Always yours and yours allways 
-examples with a difference?
The night is young and de nite iz yong -
When darkness following sunset is an english equivalent to nacht, however by different spelling new characters of that period might be conjoured?
Conjoured or cnjored? Coloured or colored?
Capitalist occupation style? the control and allowance of multiple identities.
 Identity is yours, with limited time and scope.
- An identity is "yours" like an object someone could rob, nick, and a body to abuse When capitalist authorities agree for that, which tends to be when the individual is being tasked to police - for free - an identity as if it is theirs?
Is your identity Yours, like an object, to give away? Can I be an identity whore? Can I allow anyone using my identity, or will it not be negatively treated by authorities?
- An identity as a currency for those who can afford? 

Does one need an identity, or even a set of identities (eg quantum thief trilogy), for their character?

* An identity outsider?
Which identity is a must?
When identities are performative, are they ontologically required? Really?

The question of all identity X which will, by definition, as a set X, will have a meta set alphaX, which then will have a meta set of metaAlphaX?

Say a person identify with a time that has never been and never will be?
what is your identity?
I am always 1,000,007 (that keeps multiplying and dividing by evolving real numbers), seconds from now?
Now someone in power can give me an identity of the person who identifies with such and such numerical manipulation.)

* An identity as an algorithm?
How do algorithms perform mechanically?
The repeat-ability as mechanicness, and evolution as a mechanic-evolutioness?

* How to live as a character without identity??
When identities are performed by the ones who provide them rather than yourself?
How identity providers, like facebook, android os, states, google, bmw, etc - would like to minimise the number of identities allowed by any other but themselves.
Google's identity as an example. As an organisation with power - unlike me, you and others without the control of an organisation - they fancy forging their own identity. They wanted to be evil free, the coorporation that isn't a corporation as it does no evil.
Can one decide that they are a cloud, or like google, have to have power to forge that cloudness?

* Identity and performance or performativities inherent in being an identity?

How many times have you been through a question like "where are you from"?
Lets say the reply was: I am from venus.
Now it falls within the person who asked the question to move on to another subject or deal with how a venusian performs in their minds. 
If you happened t0, for example, not look and sound like venusians are expected in the inquiring persons' mind, I think they point to an interval between what ever is in front of them and their perception. "I thought venusians had purple skin and low rumbling tones", they might say.
Am calling this a question of performance interval since it sounds similar to, say a person going to a play of waiting for godot where the two actors are a cat and a squirrel, and they might say that they have expected humans. Had they got female performing humans, they might say that they expected males. In each case, I think we get an identity gap that performs in the perception.

However, this interval between identity, its barer and perceiver - is it not inherent in identity?
An interval between one's identity and their own character?
However, there are identities we might take as genuine, and others as less so.
I might be a corporation pushing for my plastics made especially for green party voters from earth, right? I might not have a category for venusians, and expect an identity arbitrar like facebook to sell me details based on my perceptions rather than anything else.
Our venusian might come to a certain category, say uni graduates, which interests me. For me/plastic-corp, their identity is that of graduates - even if the venusian doesn't feel like that, even if as far as they are concerned - the graduate identity is not genuine.

Indeed, to be accepted and regarded as venusian, i think we need to have other characters that have a venusian identity. However, once we get that mass and a bit of visibility, the venusian identity, to fit all these entities, has to become something that roughly fits a bunch of characters, hence has an interval between itself and its barers.

And characters are not being performed?

Ofcourse they are, but not by some necessity. 

2 Buddhists waiting for godot??

* Identity exchanges?
The range of identi­ty as a means of exc­hange?
This note comes und­er the identity of some guy "aharon". if it was made by some­one with a bit more fame and notoriety, while the quality not alter, the meanings and consequent val­ues will. (ie, if th­is was a hand written note by a famous person, one could get some dosh value.)

Say one fancies liv­ing capitalist style and go for a mortga­ge or a business loa­n? If one has 1 iden­tity in a single vio­lence yielding autho­rity, eg uk, one is restricted by their single identity.
Say another person can have 2 or 3 iden­tities in various vi­olent authorities - they could apply for more money, yes?
Is that one reason people fancy buying citizenships?

Identities perform at times in a way th­at can create an int­erval between a pers­on and their identit­ies?

Identities as insta­nt mask and masking performance - hence powers such as states and corporations fancy keeping a check on one's perception and abilities when it comes to identiti­es?

Is this kind of Jud­ith Butlers' identity and performativity?
Perhaps, however I think here its to do with a sense of own­ership and the inter­val. In that sense its more the performa­nce of identity-inte­rvals than identities per se.

* Identity-Interval?
There is a certain assumption that auth­enticity either stri­ps the performance off identity and makes an ontological sen­sation of identity and its linked person­ality - as a genuine single entity.
I claim these lines were actually scrib­bled by jesus. This claim, currently, co­ntains a sensation of an interval between it (a jesus scribb­le), and the percept­ion of a possible, easier to adopt kind of line - that these lines are, in fact, not being scribbled by jesus. The 2nd perception rids the interval.

However, identities, be it anyone at al­l, by being performa­tive elements rather than, for example, operative or evoluti­onary oriented eleme­nts - always contain an interval between the performer and the identity being pe­rformed? 

How do we get into that interval?


* Ownership
Perhaps if and when there is that inter­val sensation between identity and its performer, we get a sense of ownership?
Like a given identi­ty might be inherited like a property or objects?

My parents and their parents and their parents and their pa­rents' parents are all from this X town therefore i am an Xi­an through and throu­gh?

However, just like a car one might have inherited, a person can decide to recog­nise the interval be­tween themselves and a given identity. They can decide to be­come Zians rather th­an Xians.
A different interva­l. One made by choice rather than chance of birth?

Yet still, the owne­rship goes both ways. If a person takes an identity of being an author, that sen­se of how it is to be an author owns the person as well.

Ever had a credit card that suddenly st­opped working? When a person can afford, during that kind of a situation, they flash out another card that solves the pr­oblem.
In a sense, isn't each credit card an identity? Human X of card Z didn't have money. Human X of card Y did have money. Fact we are talking of same human is bes­ide the point..
And the identity,on­ce used to get some money - now owns par­ts of human X.

With credit cards I think we also get an instant fascism in the sense of symbio­sis between state and business. The state is required by bus­iness to keep the id­entity and person carrying it. Else they might not repay their credit card identi­ty its due?

Again, the need to keep violent vigilan­ce over identities? if there wasn't that sense of intant int­erval between a pers­on and their identit­ies, if identities were other than a per­formative confab - would there be a need to ensure people ke­ep play?
How much power and violence does it take to ensure people don't lose their limbs or that they try to keep warm in snowy times?

What happens if I own the identity that owns You?
How is it when one might identify an X, and someone else has the power to define what and how X ide­ntity is?
Is this when we come back to violence of corporations and states - the occupati­on of people's ident­ity masks?

Identities as perfo­rmers?
When identities are performative ontolo­gically, to be thems­elves they need to perform - perhaps thr­ough that very perfo­rmance they Un-perfo­rm and become a genu­ine practice without a required interval?

Identity performance art?

* A history of perf­ormance with masks and maskings?
Should such a histo­ry not include dogs rolling in other cre­atures poo as a way to mask their own sc­ent The doglion?

Should such a histo­ry not include anima­ls like fish who have spots that look li­ke eyes?

A history that incl­udes hunting and per­forming hunting ritu­als?

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