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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Jun 28 04:59:27 CEST 2017

Hi Mark,

Of course you can use anything you want of mine! And yes, the ghosts are 
there in the whirling... Thank you!


On Tue, 27 Jun 2017, Mark Hancock wrote:

> Hi Alan,
> persurge made me think of those photos of Martian Earthrise. 
> I really liked the ghostliness of the short video as well. The brevity was
> enticing, creating a tension as it stopped, and I found I wanted it to last
> just a few moments more. I always find it hard to know when to close out a
> film, maybe I'm looking for narrative. 
> One day I'd really like to borrow one of your tracks and sample it in one of
> my pieces!
> M
> On 27 June 2017 at 20:05, Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:
>       my thought, index
>       http://www.alansondheim.org/persurge.png
>       http://www.alansondheim.org/anglank.mp4
>       http://www.alansondheim.org/utteror.png
>       avatar mocap edgespace gamespace dance perform surge terror
>       anguish analog digital clutter architecture blank digilit motar
>       edgegame spacedance persurge angalog digiblank blankterror
>       avadance perspace archilit ter$ spacesurge tectform clutform
>       terrter anglank digitter danceterror terrordance digidigi
>       capsurge blankedge utteror taluish perlog errorl$
>       a smooth deal
>       cusp and valley, geodesics wandering
>       the waves
>       perennial
>       my thought, beginnings
>       avatar mocap edgespace gamespace dance perform surge terror
>       anguish analog digital clutter architecture blank digilit
>       motar edgegame spacedance persurge angalog digiblank blankterror
>       avadance perspace archilit tercap spacesurge tectform
>       clutform terrter anglank digitter danceterror terrordance
>       digidigi capsurge blankedge utteror taluish perlog errorlit
>       my thought, a smooth deal
>       avatar mocap mocap edgespace edgespace gamespace gamespace dance
>       dance perform perform surge surge terror terror anguish anguish
>       avatar analog digital clutter analog architecture digital blank
>       clutter digilit architecture motar edgegame motar spacedance
>       edgegame persurge spacedance angalog persurge digiblank angalog
>       blankterror digiblank avadance perspace archilit avadance tercap
>       perspace spacesurge archilit tectform tercap clutform terrter
>       clutform anglank terrter digitter anglank danceterror digitter
>       terrordance danceterror digidigi terrordance capsurge blankedge
>       utteror capsurge taluish blankedge perlog utteror errorlit
>       taluish
>       my thought, cusp and valley, geodesics wandering
>       mocap mocap errorlit avatar avatar analog dance utteror
>       edgespace gamespace gamespace taluish terror digilit perform
>       surge surge perform digital clutter terror analog analog analog
>       motar blank anguish architecture architecture architecture
>       edgegame digilit motar edgegame architecture angalog avadance
>       spacedance persurge angalog persurge perspace perspace angalog
>       blankterror avadance avadance anglank spacesurge spacedance
>       archilit tercap tercap edgegame terrter utteror tectform
>       clutform clutform spacesurge danceterror terrordance terrter
>       digitter digitter digitter utteror capsurge anglank digidigi
>       digidigi digidigi taluish terrordance blankedge utteror taluish
>       digidigi perlog errorlit errorlit errorlit blankedge digitter
>       my thought, the waves
>       errorlit errorlit errorlit errorlit perlog errorlit errorlit
>       blankedge errorlit errorlit errorlit errorlit surge perlog
>       errorlit edgespace perlog errorlit mocap taluish errorlit mocap
>       blankedge errorlit avatar terrordance errorlit avatar archilit
>       perlog perlog blankterror taluish errorlit analog utteror
>       errorlit surge capsurge errorlit dance terrordance errorlit
>       edgespace clutform perlog mocap digilit perlog mocap taluish
>       avatar taluish blankedge spacedance capsurge errorlit digital
>       terrordance errorlit terror terrter errorlit perform avadance
>       perlog gamespace perform taluish edgespace utteror mocap
>       capsurge avatar archilit terrordance motar anglank errorlit
>       digital spacesurge errorlit terror spacedance perlog perform
>       utteror gamespace blankedge edgespace digidigi avatar
>       terrordance digitter digiblank clutform errorlit blank avadance
>       errorlit digital blank taluish terror utteror perform capsurge
>       gamespace danceterror mocap terrter avatar tercap tercap
>       errorlit spacedance angalog errorlit architecture anguish
>       taluish analog blankedge surge digidigi dance digitter edgespace
>       clutform avatar anglank perspace errorlit blankterror edgegame
>       perlog motar dance taluish clutter capsurge anguish terrordance
>       perform anglank gamespace spacesurge mocap blankedge blankterror
>       tercap blank perlog persurge avatar utteror blank capsurge
>       analog danceterror surge terrter dance tercap mocap angalog
>       terrter clutter perlog digiblank utteror motar digidigi clutter
>       digitter terror clutform dance perspace edgespace spacedance
>       terrordance anguish errorlit perspace utteror spacedance
>       digidigi architecture anglank analog tectform perform avadance
>       edgespace motar utteror surge errorlit tectform utteror angalog
>       terrordance digilit anglank digital spacesurge surge digiblank
>       gamespace blank avatar gamespace errorlit anglank blankedge
>       avadance terrordance edgegame terrter clutter tercap terror
>       angalog dance clutter avatar mocap errorlit terrordance
>       blankedge archilit terrordance persurge clutform blank archilit
>       anguish persurge dance digital mocap errorlit blankedge
>       blankedge tectform danceterror digiblank clutform digilit
>       perspace analog edgegame perform anguish mocap errorlit errorlit
>       blankedge terrter danceterror avadance tectform edgegame
>       avadance clutter motar surge terror edgespace errorlit blankedge
>       danceterror danceterror archilit tectform spacedance blankterror
>       architecture digilit terror perform edgespace errorlit blankedge
>       capsurge danceterror spacesurge spacesurge angalog digiblank
>       blank blank anguish dance gamespace errorlit blankedge taluish
>       digitter clutform spacesurge digiblank digiblank digilit
>       architecture analog edgespace gamespace errorlit blankedge
>       digitter anglank tercap avadance angalog motar clutter digital
>       mocap dance utteror digitter terrordance tercap archilit
>       persurge spacedance digital digital avatar perform utteror
>       digitter capsurge tercap spacesurge persurge persurge analog
>       architecture perform avatar utteror digitter utteror archilit
>       clutform spacedance digiblank anguish blank surge avatar utteror
>       digitter errorlit archilit anglank spacedance blankterror
>       anguish digilit terror mocap utteror digitter archilit digitter
>       edgegame perspace terror motar anguish mocap taluish digitter
>       archilit digidigi edgegame archilit surge edgegame analog
>       edgespace taluish digitter perspace blankedge motar spacesurge
>       perform spacedance digital edgespace taluish
>       my thought, perennial
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