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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Mar 3 16:00:01 CET 2017

Like this and wonder how it was written? And unfortunately, we're having 
midnight; last night dreamed we were in a warzone, our cat (in the real 
world, deceased) was getting shot at for target practice...

On Fri, 3 Mar 2017, Patrick Lichty wrote:

> The only little things I realize satisfied me were just unconscious
> gestures. When they do, does it have, have a does have full internal
> construction. Yes, it?s that I that I want to keep things within certain
> parameters noted. There geometries are there for other reasons to make best
> what it looked like the Senate. These are there student and Islamist
> possibilities of 14. If you are available to where you want to go
> consistently, sculpture special ones and emotional needs, and yet the
> interesting thing is that I said to you, you know, this this this is the
> really interesting conceptual conceptual material discourse of forceful
> translation sizing two people?s works. It would sure be nice to be having
> midnight, I mean stamping, but I know what I am addressing itself. Written
> in the 60s 70s, and in that I'm universally sunny, throwing three or four
> generations that overlap each other for that contest the right. The inflow
> of fluxes of minimalism that God individualizes, like GE chicken maxi, is a
> fantastic thing. The thing about insulin is that it is instructively slow,
> so I stopped the statue's exit strategy.

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